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15 Best Thermal Shirts for Men: The Ultimate List

Wearing a thermal shirt or a waffle shirt that fits perfectly and represents your style is a great feeling. Feeling good and looking good should go hand in hand in the fashion world. Finding the right thermal shirt can be tricky for guys though. There are a ton of great thermals out there and these are the best based on style and comfort and designed to last a lifetime. Also, I own a few of these thermal shirts for men and can attest to their awesomeness.

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Pro Tips:

Thermal shirts, Henley shirts or "waffle" shirts(named that because of their waffle- style knit) are a great, form-fitting, shirt for all the guys out there that need something other than button-downs and tees to wear. It's not enough to just throw a hoodie on, you need something to wear for when the hoodie comes off. You probably have a drawer full of tee shirts that you hardly wear or wear too frequently. The thermal shirt is a great looking and comfortable alternative to the tee or button-down shirt. The fit of the thermal is just as important as the style. Make sure you get a thermal that fits you right. Whether you have a gym bod or dad bod, the thermal should be form-fitting, but not in a way that restricts movement or makes you uncomfortable. The Thermal walks a fine line and does it perfectly. I recommend getting a couple in different colors so you are ready for any situation and any environment.

Materials to Consider:

Typically you will see most thermal or waffle shirts made of cotton, polyester and elastane or spandex. Regardless of the material or fabric used, these shirts are cozy and warm in the face of chilly temperatures. The fit is the most important factor when selecting your shirt. You want a shirt that will give you a little breathing room if you get one that isn't pre-shrunk. If you find one that fits you perfectly, it will quickly go to the top of your favorite shirt list.

What Thermals are the Most Comfortable Shirts for Men?

Any thermal or waffle or henley shirt is going to be super soft and super comfy. The warmth they provide for being a lightweight shirt is amazing. The waffle design should keep the heat inside the shirt without inviting the cold air in.

Buy a shirt that speaks to you. They are all going to be crazy comfortable, but the style is the next thing you should consider when making the purchase. You want a shirt that really embodies your personal style and unique tastes. 

If you work outdoors in the winter or fall and need something that will keep you in the game longer, then go for the thermal. These shirts are designed not to weigh you down while also keeping you toasty in the coldest temps.

Are Thermals the Best Long Sleeve Shirts for Men?

It really all depends on what you think looks best on you. Henley or thermal shirts are a bit form-fitting so you will need to accept that before buying. The great thing about the form fit is the amount of comfort that sizing provides.

If you are used to wearing a button-down long-sleeve then the thermal or waffle shirt can be a nice getaway from what you are used to. If you want comfort after a long day f being dressed up formally, then slide into one of these awesome shirts and enjoy the comfort.

Thermals are available in a ton of different sizes and colors and designs. There is even a camo design that is totally badass. This is the shirt I would recommend the avid hunter or camper buys because it will show off what you like to do in your free time via your own style.