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If you’ve been out of the home fitness craze loop lately, here’s your chance to learn more about a fun device called the Mirror. It’s an entirely interactive connected fitness mirror that requires minimal space. Anyone can use Mirror, and it’s an amazing investment for anyone who gets bored easily and wants to squeeze in a workout on their own time. If you’re eager to ditch your premium boutique gym membership and set your own schedule, this could be the home gym solution for you.

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What Is the Mirror?

The Mirror is an interactive fitness device that’s loaded with technology and tons of live and on-demand trainer-led workouts. It’s WiFi-enabled and is conveniently controlled via an app. If you dream of rolling out of bed and instantly joining a class that matches how you’re feeling on any given day, this pricey futuristic device could be just what your home gym needs.

With an array of encouraging and motivational certified trainers at your disposal, it’s a great choice for HIIT and cardio workouts that will leave you sweating. You can also tone trouble areas and even learn to meditate thanks to a huge library of classes. Working out at home is far from boring when you have access to over 10,000 classes and 50+ genres at your fingertips. New classes are added daily. You might even feel confident enough to try a class that made you too uncomfortable at the gym.

Advanced camera technology monitors your form to ensure you’re doing each exercise correctly. This will help you get the most out of each workout and reduce the risk of injuries. You’ll also get the same live feedback and motivation you’d expect from a studio class, such as gentle reminders to relax your shoulders during reps. Personal exercise modifications for every body and activity level make this a fun workout investment for all ages and stages of fitness.

If you’re missing the camaraderie of a group class, you can easily connect with friends and make new ones. You’ll see who’s working out alongside you during each session, so you’ll never feel alone in your fitness journey. Features such as live feedback and shoutouts keep you fully connected and engaged with the instructors and your workout buddies.

Unlike some competitors, this one doesn’t have built-in weights. The emphasis is on whole-body fitness, such as boxing, bootcamp and dance cardio. It lacks the high resistance of a machine that’s made specifically for weightlifting, such as a functional trainer for home workouts, yet is challenging enough for even elite athletes. Even the fittest users are surprised by how sore and tired they feel after a Mirror workout. Few home exercise machines offer such comprehensive benefits, although the CLMBR connected climbing machine is a compelling alternative.

Shiny and slender, it’s probably one of the most attractive pieces of fitness equipment you’ll ever own. No need to worry about figuring out where to store it when you have company. It also doubles as a full-length mirror when not in use. And if you find your fitness routine slumping, a glimpse of those softening lines in the Mirror should be sufficient to get you back on track.

How Much Does the Mirror Cost?

There are four Mirror packages. Mirror Basic, the cheapest option, starts at $1,495. It’s followed by Mirror Essentials ($1,695) and Mirror Pro ($1,795). If you want a home workout experience the whole family can enjoy, the Mirror Family package is $2,045.

Can You Use the Mirror Without a Subscription?

You’ll need an active Mirror membership to access the classes. The membership costs $39 per month and includes unlimited access to live and on-demand classes. Up to 5 additional household members can create their own accounts. Everyone receives their own login for personalized results.

What Are the Different Packages?

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There are currently four Mirror packages. Several accessories are included in all but the most basic option so that you don’t need to worry about shopping separately for things like weights and a workout mat. You can also browse the Mirror accessories page to create a customized package.

Mirror Basic (Now $1,195)

Includes the Mirror home gym plus:

  • The Mirror Stand
  • Standard Warranty
  • Mirror Lens Cap

Mirror Essentials (Now $1,395)

Everything in the Basic package plus:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fitness Band Pack
  • lululemon Yoga Mat
  • lululemon Yoga Block
  • lululemon Yoga Mat Strap
  • lululemon Foam Roller
  • Sticker Pack

Mirror Pro (Now $1,495)

Includes everything in the Mirror Essentials package plus:

  • Mirror weights (1 pair)
  • lululemon Workout Towel

Mirror Family (Now $1,745)

Includes everything in the Mirror Pro package plus:

  • 2 Heart Rate Monitors
  • 2 Fitness Band Packs
  • 2 Pairs of Mirror Weights
  • 2 lululemon Yoga Mats
  • 2 lululemon Yoga Blocks
  • 2 lululemon Yoga Mat Straps
  • 2 lululemon Workout Towels

Can the Mirror Instructors See You?

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In certain instances, your instructor may be able to see you and offer feedback on your form. This is the case with personal training sessions. Two-way audio and video lets you see and hear your instructor and vice versa. You’ll work out together in real-time, just like in the studio. Your trainer will correct your form, provide feedback and offer words of encouragement, all at a much lower price than your typical training session in the gym.

Outside of personal training sessions, the only other time your trainer can see you is during live classes with the Community Camera activated (and even then it’s just to quickly check your form and offer corrections). If you’d prefer to keep your messy hair and red, sweaty face hidden, just slide the lens cap for maximum privacy.

How Much Space Do I Need?

The Mirror measures 56″H x 22.4″W x 1.7″D. It weighs 70 lbs and can be used on any flooring surface. Want some cushioning? Check out our large exercise mats for your workouts.

Tonal Vs Mirror: Which Is Better?

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Unlike Mirror, Tonal features an adaptive weight system. With 200 pounds of digital weight, it’s the better option for strength-oriented workouts. There’s a greater emphasis on AI (artificial intelligence), and the machine’s numerous built-in sensors offer real-time form and technique correction. The weight is automatically adjusted with each repetition to push your limits while keeping you safe and comfortable when working out at home.

In terms of price, Tonal costs $2,995 plus an extra $495 for the Smart Accessory bundle complete with a bench, smart bar, smart handles, rope, foam roller and workout mat. You’ll pay $49 per month with a minimum 1-year committment. The least expensive Mirror with weights is the Pro package, which starts at $1,795.

Is the Mirror Worth It?

Is the fitness Mirror an expensive fad or a sound long-term investment for your health, like the Aviron Impact rower? Only you can ultimately decide whether it’s worth parting with your hard-earned cash.

Even if you can afford it, will you use the machine enough to justify the cost? And is getting a quality home workout on your own time worth sacrificing the in-person social connections you make sweating alongside others in the studio? Do you revel in peppy inspirational phrases and words of encouragement or find them irritating? These are just a few questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge.

Impacts on your wallet and social activities aside, it seems like this mirror is part of a larger trend that isn’t just
a passing fad. In a global fitness survey published by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), home gyms continue to be a hot fitness trend (second only to wearable technology such as these music and GPS running watches).

Are There Any Mirror Workout Alternatives?

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Yes, there are several worthy Mirror alternatives. Some have more features while others are less expensive. We’ve focused on other smart mirrors, but if you want to mix it up with a similarly challenging workout, read our Bowflex Max Total 16 review for a fun alternative.

If you’re put off by the Mirror’s high price tag, the less expensive Echelon Reflect Smart Mirror could be a better choice. It starts at $949 for the entry-level 40-inch version (membership not included). The platform isn’t as polished as Mirror’s, but it’s an enticing budget pick that will still give you a rewarding workout at home.

And if you’re really trying to save money, consider the Lifepro Mini. It’s the smallest Waver vibration plate. You can use it to improve blood flow, relieve sore and tight muscles, and even lose weight when combined with other effective workouts. Browse our Lifepro Mini review to learn more.

Other options include:
FORME Life Studio Mirror
Tempo Studio
NordicTrack Vault

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