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11 Best Pilates Reformer Accessories

pilates reformer accessories


Practice intricate footwork on a jump board or get your heart pumping with plyometric exercises using a rebounder. You can also raise the height of your Pilates reformer or create more workspace with a converter mat. Whatever you need to enhance your workout routine, here are the best Pilates reformer accessories.

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pilates reformer accessories
  • Great for plyometric workouts
  • Large, forgiving surface
  • Easy to clean
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pilates reformer accessories Amazon Customer Reviews
  • All items are easy to wash
  • Great value
  • Plush microfiber material
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pilates reformer accessories Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Designed for repeated, heavy use
  • Ideal for plyometric exercises
  • Easy to install
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best pilates accessories
  • Convenient for smaller spaces
  • Comfortable, stable work surface
  • Ideal for anyone with mobility issues
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best pilates accessories
  • Padded orthopedic cushioning
  • Large, firm surface
  • Gentler for jumping
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pilates reformer accessories Amazon Customer Reviews
  • D-rings are included
  • Versatile
  • Compatible with most reformers
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pilates reformer accessories
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable curved handles
  • Dense foam padding
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pilates reformer accessories Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Includes leg and shoulder attachments
  • Easy to install
  • Accommodate the reformer's wheels
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pilates jump board
  • Great for plyometrics
  • Ideal for sports performance training
  • Easy to wipe clean
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pilates reformer accessories Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy to attach the wheels
  • Handy for rearranging furniture
  • Made with heavy-duty materials
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pilates jump board
  • Useful for rotational movements
  • Increased range of motion
  • Antibacterial black durahyde cover
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Merrithew Cardio-Tramp Rebounder

    • Useful for everything from injury rehab to elite-level training
    • Ideal for high energy, low impact workouts
    • Durable flat double-stitched strapping
    • Doesn't come with a DVD
    • Not compatible with all Merrithew reformers
    • Upholstery only has a 90-day warranty

    Get your heart pumping and burn more calories during workouts by adding the Merrithew Cardio-Tramp Rebounder to your V2 Max, SPX or SPX Max reformer. One of the biggest benefits of a Pilates rebounder is that its forgiving surface means you can exercise for longer periods of time without fatigue.

    Jump training and plyometric activities are much easier on a rebounder such as the Cardio-Tramp, which has a soft landing area for your comfort. Cardio-Tramp is built to last with its robust tubular steel frame and flat double-stitched strapping. You can easily clean the surface when you’re done.

    Please note the different sizes when you order. Here’s the sizing information from Casa Pilates:

    • Merrithew V2: ST02067 fits all Merrithew V2 Max/V2 Max Plus / Rehab / Professional/ and Rack & Roll 
    • Merrithew SPX: ST02068 fits all Merrithew SPX or SPX Max, and SPX Max Plus
  2. 2. AeroPilates Comfort Kit

    • Kit includes a head pillow, furry grips and a reformer towel
    • Hand grips and towel make long sessions comfortable
    • Quick-drying towel is machine washable
    • Furry handles may feel too thick for smaller hands
    • Towel only comes in one size
    • Kit doesn't include foot loops

    Upgrade your workouts with the AeroPilates Comfort Kit, which has three essential pieces for your Pilates reformer. This affordable kit comes with a head pillow for proper alignment along with a non-slip platform towel and furry hand grips.

    Long sessions on the reformer are made easier with the pillow, which keeps your posture properly aligned and supports your upper body. Plush padding gives your head a comfortable space to rest as you cruise through your favorite sequences. Elastic bands hold the pillow securely in place and keep it properly aligned.

    The towel drapes over the platform and absorbs sweat as you exercise. It’s also stable enough not to slip and slide as you move. The towel is machine washable for added convenience.

    Furry hand grips provide much-needed traction and confidence for your favorite upper body moves. Not only are the grips comfortable, they’re also removable for washing. You can easily swap out these grips with your existing ones as needed.

  3. 3. STOTT PILATES Jump Board

    • Durable tubular steel frame
    • Wide platform and firm padding to practice foot movements
    • Caters to jumping and highly aerobic workouts
    • Not compatible with all reformers
    • Only comes in one color
    • Relatively heavy

    The STOTT PILATES jump board offers a firm and densely padded surface that invites you to incorporate your favorite plyometric exercises into your routine. You can also practice intricate footwork on the spacious surface.

    This Pilates jump board comes in two sizes: 22 and 24 inches. The smaller 22-inch version fits SPX reformers with a 22-inch carriage width, while the 24-inch jump board fits reformers with a 24-inch wide carriage. Some examples include the V2 Max Plus, Rehab, Rack & Roll and Professional reformers.

    No matter how much you use your STOTT PILATES jump board, it’s sturdy and safe enough for high-intensity use and should last for years with the appropriate use and care.

    A durable tubular steel frame ensures the board can take the repeated pounding, while its dense EVA foam padding provides a comfortable landing pad for your feet.

  4. 4. Merrithew Reformer/Mat Converter

    • Elevated surface makes mat-based workouts easier
    • Durable enough for commercial use
    • Can convert vertical frame into a Cadillac
    • Only fits select reformers
    • Mat converter doesn't include a reformer tower
    • Relatively heavy

    You can easily convert your reformer into a comfortable matwork area with this versatile Pilates reformer accessory. Not only do mat converters elevate your body and give you a stable area to practice your favorite moves, they also help keep your floor space clean.

    The converter provides a secure surface for stretching, loosening tight areas and targeting your back. If you have a vertical frame, you can even use the mat to convert your reformer into a Cadillac reformer with varied spring resistance. Whether you’re working out at home or are upgrading your studio, this mat converter is ideal for smaller spaces.

    This mat converter is available in two sizes: 22 and 24 inches. The smaller 22-inch mat fits the SPX Max reformer, while the 24-inch mat is compatible with the V2 Max, Rehab and Pro series reformers.

  5. 5. BASI Systems Reformer Jump Board

    • Low-impact accessory for cardio workouts
    • Easier on the hips, knees and and ankles
    • Works well for strength training
    • Only compatible with select reformers
    • On the heavier side
    • Jump board isn't as gentle as a rebounder

    Protect your ankles, knees and joints while elevating your heart rate as you jump and practice foot movements using the BASI Systems Jump Board. As with most other Pilates accessories, the board is only compatible with select models. You can use the Pilates jump board on the BASI Systems Wood Pilates Reformer and the BASI Systems Reformer with Tower.

    This heavy-duty jump board features orthopedic cushioning and is just what you need to gently but effectively practice plyometric exercises while lying on your back.

  6. 6. Balanced Body Pilates Double Loops Pair Set

    • Works with any reformer with front clips
    • Short and long loops for various leg and feet movements
    • Ample padding for maximum comfort
    • Not available in other colors
    • D-rings can make some noise
    • Only comes in one size

    Reduce the need for rope adjustments and expand your workouts by working different parts of your legs and feet with these double loops.

    You’ll find two handles in one, including a shorter loop for your hands and a longer one for your legs and feet. The short loop measures 10 inches while the long one is 15.75 inches or 16.75 including the D-ring. You can easily clip the loops on and go since the D-rings are included.

    These loops will work with most home Pilates reformers, as long as you can clip them into your reformer.

  7. 7. Merrithew Jump Board with Crossbow Combo

    • Bow keeps hands, wrists and shoulders properly aligned
    • Wide, firm platform offers plenty of room to practice footwork and jumping
    • Pre-drilled holes accommodate different user heights
    • Heavy when grip and jumpboard are combined
    • Won't work with all reformers
    • Bulky size can make storage challenging

    Rather than struggle to maintain a firm grip on the jump board, outfit your reformer with the Merrithew Jump Board & Crossbow Combo. The crossbow keeps your hands, wrists and shoulders properly aligned. This is a particularly worthy investment if you find yourself frequently using the top of your board for support.

    Curved handles offer a taller and wider area to grip, which in turn allows you to exercise for longer periods of time without discomfort. The handles are soft and padded and are made with foam for added durability.

    When it’s time to practice jumping or footwork, the board’s wide, firm platform gives you plenty of practice room. You can even use the jump board in place of a standard footbar if you prefer.

    This board is made for heavy, repeated use thanks to its durable tubular steel construction. It’s also easy to install and comes with pre-drilled holes to accommodate different user heights.

  8. 8. Balanced Body Allegro Reformer 14-Inch Retrofit Kit

    • Raises reformer to standard studio level
    • Elevated height is great for personal training
    • Kit makes it easier to get on and off the reformer
    • Only works with Allegro 1 reformers
    • Not compatible with pre-2015 models
    • Reformer isn't included

    Elevate your Balanced Body Allegro Reformer with this 14-inch retrofit kit. The post-2015 update model has everything you need for a more comfortable workout, including leg and shoulder attachments that can accommodate the reformer’s wheels.

    The kit elevates your reformer to a 14-inch training height, which is standard for studio Pilates equipment. Not only does the added height make the reformer more accessible for personal training, it also makes getting on and off the reformer easier.

    Please note that the kit is compatible with Allegro 1 reformers with a serial number greater than 36395.

  9. 9. Peak Pilates Artistry Standard Jump Board

    • Has a long-lasting durahyde cover
    • Durable addition to any home or studio
    • Comfortable, wide surface for footwork and jumping
    • Only compatible with a limited number of Pilates reformers
    • Not for use on studio line reformers
    • Only comes in one size

    Practice repeated jumps and plyometric movements on the Peak Pilates Artistry Standard Jump Board. The board is covered in durable black durahyde and can withstand heavy, repeated use.

    Whether you’re jumping or practicing footwork, the durable Pilates jump board complements your routine and invites you to push your fitness to the next level.

    You can use the Peak Pilates board for sports training, cardio workouts and plyometrics. However, it’s slightly limited in that it’s only compatible with the Artistry and Afina collections.

    Want more space to practice your rooms? Stretch out on the Peak Pilates Dancer Jump Board, which has additional space for external rotation.

  10. 10. Balanced Body Wheel Kit for Allegro 2 Reformer with Legs

    • Can be stored vertically with wheels
    • Wheels are safe for all floor surfaces
    • Undercarriage cover protects against dirt and debris
    • Only works on the Allegro 2 reformer with legs
    • Not for the Allegro 2 reformer without legs
    • Kit only contains two wheels

    If you’re struggling to move your Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformer around, consider making it more portable with this handy wheel kit. Once the wheels are installed, you can effortlessly maneuver the reformer around as needed. Plus, it can be stored vertically with the wheels. You can even rearrange your exercise room if you’re bored with the current setup.

    The complete wheel kit is made with heavy-duty materials and is specifically designed for the Allegro 2 reformer with legs. In addition to the two wheels, you’ll also get an undercarriage cover that guards against debris and dirt.

    Attaching the wheels is a relatively straightforward process, but a user manual is included if you need extra guidance. You can safely move the reformer across all floor surfaces without causing damage, including ceramic tiles, hardwood and carpet.

  11. 11. Peak Pilates Artistry Dancer Jump Board

    • Surface is easy to wipe clean
    • Ideal if you want a wider stance
    • Easy to insert and remove from the foot of the reformer
    • Increased width makes it rather bulky
    • Heavier than the Standard board
    • Only compatible with select reformers

    Peak Pilates took the best features of its Artistry Standard Jump Board and expanded on them to create its Artistry Dancer Jump Board. This board is wider than the Standard board.

    Not only does the extra width give you more room to work, it also increases your range of motion. In fact, the Dancer is just what you need to practice external rotation. You can easily slide the board into the foot of the reformer and remove it when you’re done.

    As with the Standard board, an antibacterial black durahyde cover increases the board’s durability. You can use the board on the Artistry and Afina Collection reformers.

What Is a Jumpboard in Pilates?

A Pilates jump board is a fun accessory that can greatly expand your home or studio workouts. It's also highly versatile and is one of the best available accessories for plyometric training. The jump board attaches to the front of your Pilates reformer and can be removed when your workout is finished.

Its firm but padded surface makes the jump board your go-to choice for jumping movements. The surface is also large and sturdy enough to practice intricate footwork. Whether your feet and legs are getting tired or you feel like mixing it up, you can practice pointing your feet, flexing your toes and even landing with your feet flat.

Not only will you get your heart rate up and burn calories, you can also adjust the resistance accordingly. Jump boards undoubtedly work your legs, but they also keep your core engaged and your spine properly aligned. All of this is done with little to no impact on the joints.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing the Jumpboard in Pilates?

According to Propel Pilates and Fitness, a 120-pound person can burn up to 125 calories during a 60-minute class. That number increases to 336 pounds for a 200-pound person.

These numbers aren't guaranteed, though, as several factors will determine just how many calories you burn during your session. By adding a rebounder or jump board to your home or studio Pilates reformer, you can incorporate a variety of faster-paced movements into your routine to blast more calories.

What Is a Pilates Rebounder?

The Pilates rebounder looks and functions a lot like a mini-trampoline. However, this innovative Pilates accessory is specifically designed for reformers. You can use the rebounder and jump board for jumping exercises, but there are some key differences between the two. 

Unlike a jump board, which has a stiffer surface area that makes it equally suitable for intricate footwork, a rebounder is all about bounce. 

A Pilates rebounder has a softer and more forgiving surface, which means you can jump and rebound for longer periods of time without fatigue. 

Each push off of the rebounder engages your lower body and works deep stabilizing muscles in your feet up to your hips. The rebounder surface is much more flexible than a jump board, which in turn challenges your stability with each push. Plus, it's easy on the joints and is ideal for someone who is recovering from an injury as well as arthritis sufferers.

How Many Times a Week Should I Do My Pilates Rebounder?

Whether you're just getting into Pilates or you have years of experience under your belt, there's no set answer as to how many times per week you should do Pilates. That includes using your rebounder.

Most experts, including Pamela Debiase from Westwood Pilates, suggest doing a Pilates workout between two and five times per week. However, the number can vary based on your schedule, fitness level and other factors.

What If a Rebounder Does Not Fit My Pilates Machine?

Not all rebounders on the market are universally compatible with your favorite Pilates reformer. Generally speaking, rebounders should be relatively easy to install.

If it doesn't seem to fit, check to make sure you are using the appropriate attachment for your reformer. You may need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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