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11 Best Slacklines for Kids: Summer Fun in 2023

slackline for kids


You might be like many parents – keeping your kids a little closer to home these days. If so, you’re also probably looking for healthy ways to keep them entertained, get them really physical, and keep them fit throughout the year. A slackline for kids can help them (and your whole family) improve their balance, build core strength, increase overall fitness, and make for hours of fun and challenging play without ever having to leave their own backyard.

Because a slackline will push their bravery and wits at first, it’s a great way to introduce even small kids to the idea of zip lines, wall climbing, and other challenging activities that involve both mental and physical strength.

If your kids are on the smaller side, consider a backyard water slide as an awesome option for summer entertainment. And if you’ve got a backyard pool, snag a floating cooler to keep their drinks cool and close at hand.

ninja slackline kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 60 foot slack line
  • 13 obstacles
  • Very high quality
Price: $199.79 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
slackline for kids Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Versatile kit for kids
  • Nine accessories
  • Slackline or ninja line
Price: $149.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
65 foot ninja line and slackline Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Adjustable obstacles
  • Good ratchet
  • 65 foot line
Price: $124.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
50 foot slackline and ninja line Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Lots of obstacles
  • Good for kids and adults
  • Super affordable
Price: $99.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
65 foot ninja line Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Slackline plus a ninja line
  • Holds kids up to 440 pounds
  • 13 Adjustable obstacles
Price: $99.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ninja warrior slackline for kids Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 440 pound weight limit
  • 56 foot slackline
  • Seven obstacles
Price: $89.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ninja line plus training line Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 11 Obstacles
  • Dual slacklines
  • Added ratchet lines
Price: $79.94 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ninja line and slackline kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 40 foot slackline
  • High quality obstacles
  • Strong ratchet system
Price: $149.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
36 foot ninja line Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 36 foot slackline
  • Seven obstacles
  • Easy set up
Price: $51.89 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
ninja and slackline kit Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Quickly converts
  • Eight obstables
  • 300 pound weight capacity
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slackline kit with arm trainer Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Holds 300+ pounds
  • Weather resistant
  • Good for kids and adults
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Hyponix 50 Foot Gorilla Line Slackline Course

    • Obstacles can be added to with optional expansion pack
    • 250 pound weight limit
    • Two inch wide woven slackline converts to ninja line
    • Great for adults as well as kids
    • Wood monkey bars can cause blisters
    • Bouncy even when tensioned properly
    • Actual line length is 42 feet

    Whether you’re ready as a family to face a serious slackline, one that extends 60 feet is going to present a challenge whether you’re a kid or an adult. This slackline kit goes so much further though because it comes with 13 obstacles and accessories to transform it into a wicked ninja line as well. The two-inch-wide slackline can handle from up to 250 pounds, so we’re talking about serious safety here, no matter your age.

    The obstacles can be adjusted to make spacing easier at first and more challenging later. You’ll also get a heavy-duty industrial ratchet that can and should be one of your key must-haves. Obstacles include four gymnastic rings, three monkey bars, and a rope ladder. You can also get an obstacle expansion pack that includes a spinning wheel, two traverse rings, and two monkey fists, all of which can be moved apart to make this course more difficult once your kiddos have experience. 

    This kit features adjustable nylon straps with buckles, locking delta clips, tree protectors, and a carrying bag to take your fun wherever you go. Slacklines are great for improving posture and overall conditioning, per the experts at HopOn Slacklines. 


  2. 2. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

    • Kid friendly kit with many options
    • Nine fun accessories included
    • 42 foot line
    • Line sags if more than one child is on it at a time
    • Instructions aren't the best
    • Wooden elements not weather resistant

    This awesome obstacle course for kids has a 50 foot ninja slackline, along with nine obstacles including gymnastic rings – both triangle and round, monkey bar holds, and monkey fists, a ninja wheel. But it has a few things others don’t, including a webbing ladder, high-quality trapeze bar, and bonus grip tape. 

    The Ninja slackline kit is impressively flexible, allowing you to move obstacles as far apart or close together as your kids need. You can switch it up as they progress in skills and bravery. This kit allows your kids to practice on the slackline or use it as a ninja line, which gives them lots of fitness options while they’re at home.

    This set is really geared toward full family use as each of the obstacles can accommodate up to 250 pounds. It can also handle more than one kid at a time, although that could cause the line to sag.

  3. 3. Fofana Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

    • One of the longest lines available
    • High quality carabiners keep obstacles safely attached
    • Easy set up and adjustment for kids large and small
    • Line tends to sag even if users weigh less than maximum
    • Some shipping issues reported
    • More difficult to tighten than some

    If you’ve got a family with kids that are big and small, you’re going to love this Fofana 65 foot ninja line kit that accommodates kids of all ages with easily adjustable obstacles to challenge their agility and build fitness. With adjustable hardware, it’s easy to position and then reposition each obstacle depending on who is using the course. 

    This long line comes with two monkey bars, two gymnastic rings, two freestyle rings, a spinning wheel, a monkey fist, and a ladder. This kit uses top quality locking carabiners rather than sliding buckles to attach obstacles to the line which means they’re super safe and can hold up to 1000 pounds, although 250 is the recommended maximum. This kit comes with a heavy duty ratchet with padded ergonomic grips allowing you to tighten the line without hurting your hands. 

    We also love that the tree protectors include sewn in loops that keep the line in place without slipping. 

  4. 4. Perantlb Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

    • 12 obstacles plus a rope ladder for easy access
    • Kit includes two slacklines that can be used with or without obstacles
    • 440 pound weight capacity
    • Good for learning to use a traditional slackline thanks to training line and belts
    • Lines are difficult to keep tight
    • More expensive than many
    • Requires a substantial amount of space to set up properly

    If you’ve got the space for a pretty expansive set-up, the Perantlb ninja slackline kit has so many options for nearly unlimited fun. This 50-foot slackline kit includes everything you’ll need to get this up and running in no time. You’ll get a 50-foot slackline with a seven-foot ratchet line to keep it tight. You’ll also get two tree protectors to use on both the upper and lower lines. 

    This kit comes with 15 high-strength carabiners as well as buckles to affix your obstacles in a way that’s most challenging for your kiddos. This set comes with a wood and rope ladder for easy access, a seat swing as well as a tree swing, two kinds of monkey bars, six monkey rings with rubberized grips, plus two balance belts.

    The balance belts are ideal for teaching kids how to use the lower slackline in a more traditional way without the ninja obstacles up above. With a weight limit of 440 pounds, this set-up can hold several kids or a couple of adults so parents can use it to build their fitness as well. 

  5. 5. Jugader Slackline 50 Foot Ninja Line

    • Great for developing fitness and agility
    • Slackline plus a ninja line with obstacles
    • Obstacles can be moved to increase difficulty
    • Complete kit that's easy to set up
    • Not enough obstacles for a 65 foot line
    • Requires sizeable trees
    • 65 foot line is requires a serious sized yard

    The Jugader Slackline Ninja Line offers 50 feet of fun and challenge for kids. It doubles as a lower slackline or an upper ninja line, and it has 13 obstacles that can be spaced to make the experience more challenging as kids improve their skills. A six stair rope ladder allows kids to get set up and start with stability as they begin their backyard adventure.

    This slackline kit comes with everything you’ll need to get their aerial obstacle course set. It includes one ninja line, one slackline, two twin-gear ratchets to make tightening a breeze, one rope ladder, one twister, two traverse rings, four gymnastic rings, three monkey bars, a swing seat, three bars, four tree protectors, 14 metal connectors and a handy storage bag to keep everything nicely contained when the set isn’t in use.

    This would be a terrific activity for any family with kids as it can hold up to 440 pounds and each obstacle can handle up to 160 pounds. If you’ve got a tomboy on your hands, she’d love this as a gift.


  6. 6. Gentle Booms Sports Ninja Warrior Line

    • Higher weight limit than many reviewed
    • Comes with seven different obstacles that can be moved to create more challenge
    • Can be both a slackline and a ninja line
    • More than one kid can play on the line at the same time
    • Slackline doesn't always stay tight
    • Fewer obstacles than other lines this size
    • May be too difficult for smaller children

    If you’ve got a big yard with some big sturdy trees, you can make your kids’ playground the envy of the neighborhood with the Gentle Booms 56 foot slackline/ninja line. Better yet, this kit has the highest weight load rating of any we’ve looked at – up to 440 pounds! That means your kids can compete on the obstacles more than one at a time, and the parents can get into the fun as well.

    Seven adjustable obstacles can be moved further and further apart to create more difficult challenges. With two monkey bars, three gymnastic rings, and One monkey fist and a ladder, this kit also has a heavy-duty nylon woven slackline and ratchet. You’ll also get two tree protectors, and a cool carry bag so you can set up while you’re camping too. 

    When it comes to both grownup and kid fitness, slacklines are terrific for improving your balance say the experts at VeryWellFit.

    Another addition to your family fun park in the yard that’s always worthwhile for everyone is a great above ground pool.

  7. 7. Genetic Los Angeles Just.Smile Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

    • Loads of fun obstacles plus a balance belt for beginners
    • Two lines for increased safety and stability
    • Tree protectors and handy carrying bag included
    • Solid iron parts with no welds mean less chance of breakage
    • Completely adjustable obstacles to increase the challenges over time
    • Set up instructions are lacking
    • Slackline will sag with more than one child at a time
    • Weight limit is overly optimistic

    If you’re looking to get your kids going on a slackline or ninja line, but you want an option that gives them a bit of added security, the Just.Smile obstacle course is ideal as it provides both an upper ninja line with tons of fun obstacles as well as a lower slackline to give them some extra stability. Additionally, it comes with a balance belt to give those beginners some time to get their legs under them and master the course. 

    This big kit provides two 60-foot slacklines along with a climbing net, a soft swing, a rope ladder, a ring swing with a bar, two ninja rings, a hanging disk, three monkey rings, a monkey bar, plus all the gear to safely set things up. It comes with four tree protectors plus two ratchet lines, and with this set, you even get a carrying bag to stow it all in. 

  8. 8. American Ninja Warrior 40′ Deluxe Ninja Line

    • Comes with nine obstacles for use as a ninja line
    • Converts to a slackline with east
    • Strong steel and resin obstacles are built to last
    • Includes a carrying bag and gym chalk ball
    • Must be used either as a slackline or as a ninja line
    • Actual line is only 34 feet and requires an extension to lengthen it
    • Obstacles take time to set up and space properly

    If your family loves the challenge and competition of American Ninja Warrior on television, you’re going to love having your own challenge course at home to keep the kids active and to give you a full-body workout as well. This dual-purpose kit from American Ninja Warrior features a top quality slackline that can instantly transform to a ninja line when elevated. 

    This set-up includes the 40 foot slackline along with a powder coated six foot ratchet system, plus nine obstacles including one nylon rope knot, one steel T-bar, two steel monkey bar holds, three steel gym rings with ABS textured grips, one poly-resin ninja ball, and one ninja cone. All these are great for building upper body strength. This system can handle up to 250 pounds, which means parents and kids can get in on the action. 

    This system was built with safety in mind. All the obstacles include 6,000 pound capacity steel hanging delta safety clips and use either UV resistant nylon rope with safety buckle attachments or UV resistant webbing straps.

    Just imagine the fun you could set up with a backyard water slide at the end of this line!

  9. 9. Slackers 36 Foot Ninja Line Kit

    • Seven high quality obstacles that can be endlessly rearranged
    • High strength slackline converts into a ninja line
    • Strong enough for kids and adults up to 250 pounds
    • Two bonus traverse rings
    • More expensive than some
    • Not as many obstacles as others
    • Obstacle grips seem too slippery

    If you’re looking to transform your backyard into the coolest fun spot, the Slackers Ninja Line is an awesome step in that direction. This 36 foot line is two inch wide durable nylon weave and features 18 pockets for setting up the seven included obstacles. The slackline can handle up to 250 pounds, so it’s a good fitness option for most adults as well as kids. The actual line length, once set up, is 28 feet. 

    This kit comes with two gym rings made of steel with an ABS textured grip, two monkey fist knots made of UV resistant nylon rope, two 16 inch birch monkey bars, and two traverse rings to allow two-handed jump movement down the line. This kit comes with thorough and easy to understand set up instructions so you can get your little warriors into training mode right away.

  10. 10. flybold Ninja Obstacle Course Line Kit

    • Eight adjustable obstacles
    • Converts between ninja line and slackline in just 10 minutes
    • Extra wide tree protectors
    • Twin-gear ratchet makes tightening easy
    • 40 feet includes tree circumference so it's shorter than expected
    • Rings are tough on small hands
    • Not as sturdy as some others

    Since kids aren’t the only ones spending time in the yard, you’d do well to choose a slackline kit like this one from flybold that quickly converts between a kid-worthy ninja line and a challenging adult slackline in minutes. With a 300 pound weight capacity, this 40 foot woven nylon slackline comes with two fist holds, two monkey bars, and four gymnastic rings.

    Two extra-wide tree protectors ensure your trees don’t get abrasions from the slackline, and a twin-gear ratchet ensures installation and conversion are easy and secure. Adjustable strap buckles allow you to position the obstacles to create greater degrees of difficulty as your kids progress in both bravery and strength. 

    We also think you’ll appreciate that this kit comes with a one-year money-back guarantee. 

  11. 11. Exposed Gear 60 Foot Slackline Kit

    • Slackline plus a training line for upper body work
    • Challenging 60 foot length
    • High quality ratchet for smooth tensioning
    • Instructions are lacking
    • Ratchet can be unreliable
    • Some shipping issues reported

    Are you looking for a slackline kit that’s more in line with your older kids’ needs and abilities? This kit from Exposed Gear features a challenging 60 foot slackline as well as a 60 foot training line with arm trainers to help build upper body strength and balance. The multi-weave webbing has just the right amount of stretch and is smooth and a top-quality ratchet makes for smooth tensioning.

    This slackline can accommodate both kids and most adults as it can hold more than 300 pounds. Eight foot long ratchet straps fit around larger trees making the line both safe and stable. This kit includes everything you’ll need to get set up – the slackline and training line, ERGO ratchet, ratchet protector, arm trainer, two tree guards, a carrying bag to set up anywhere, and full instructions.

    This set is built to be weather resistant so you can leave it set up over longer periods of time than others. Since it takes some practice to get down your technique, especially if you’re an adult or teen looking to get a full-body workout, we’d recommend this Falcon Guide: How to Slackline!: A Comprehensive Guide To Rigging And Walking Techniques For Tricklines, Longlines, And Highlines.

Why Are Slacklines So Popular?

Slacklines are the ultimate cross-training tool according to this report from the Spokesman-Review. But they are also seriously fun. While they may have started out as the supreme new fitness tool for adults, they've transformed into a great play and fitness option for kids too.

Slacklines that can be converted into ninja lines allow kids to practice a variety of skill-building activities with slightly more safety involved.

What Is a Ninja Line?

While slacklines are balanced on, ninja lines, sometimes called monkey lines, offer obstacles that kids can hang from like a monkey. They include hanging monkey bars, monkey fists (aka. knots), gymnastic rings and triangles, nets, ladders, spinning wheels, and more.

Ninja lines allow kids to develop strength and agility, while building on their focus and determination. Plus they're just downright fun! According to this article in the Chicago Tribune, most kids are dying to become ninjas, making these outdoor obstacle courses are the perfect way to train. 

Why Should I Get a Slackline for Kids?

Slacklines help kids to improve focus per RunWildMyChild. But did you also know they can help prevent injuries and rehab injuries too? These outdoor obstacle courses are an easy sell for your kids, who will just think they're having fun. Only you, as the parents, will know they're much more than that.

With everyone spending so much time at home, these slacklines and ninja lines can get your kids outdoors and away from their screens and devices, and you'll benefit from watching and learning with them.