Supposed Wii 2 Specs

Via Maxconsole, which got their info from some French website, who in turn got their info from some marketing dude at Nintendo of France. And the key features of the Wii 2 are…

– It’s going to have a Blu-ray drive, for both added disc space and ammo against pirates.
– It’s going to output content at a full HD/1080p resolution.
– It’s coming out in the third quarter of next year, as well as on the same day across the globe.
– And finally, there’s going to be a system in place where one will be able to trade in their original Wii for part 2 at a discount.

If one was to randomly guess what the next console might feature, the first two points are practically a given. Though I was initially going to write off the entire list due to the Blu-ray drive, because I had assumed it to be a Sony-only thing. And there is NO way in hell that Nintendo is going to business with a primary competitor. Thought any embarassment has to pale in comparison when Microsoft puts a BR drive in their next Xbox (given that their HD-DVD format totally lost out in the head-to-head war a few years back). But despite the fact that Sony’s been the format’s de facto representative, a bunch of companies are actually involved, making the idea of Nintendo utilizing such technology a lot more plausible.

As for the release date of next year, hardly anything is coming down the pipeline for the Wii 1, other than two Mario sequels this holiday season, so it could be easily argued that Nintendo is saving their biggest guns for a new console. It’s been reported that the new Zelda will utilize the MotionPlus module (which comes with Wii Sports Resort), but considering how one must assume that the next Wii will have the same enhanced motion tracking capabilities right out of the box, as well as how Twilight Princess was originally a GameCube title, which became a Wii launch game… I think you might know where I’m going with this.

The most interest aspect, naturally, is this whole upgrading hardware business. What, is Nintendo becoming GameStop all of a sudden? Personally, I just want to know if all my Virtual Console and WiiWare titles will be transferable. Since my downloaded library outnumbers my physical library about ten to one.

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