A Small Child Could Have Come Up With Better Mega Man Bosses? Funny You Say That, Because…

The latest batch of robotic chumps that the Blue Bomber will be plowing through, in the upcoming Mega Man 10, were recently revealed. Though a few characters might seem oddly familiar to some. Specifically if your name is Mark Lopez and if you grew up in Pinedale, CA:


At least they changed the name to Solar Man. Though Lagerriet Tounes, who grew up in Chicago, must be either especially flattered or especially pissed that Capcom didn’t even bother to change the name of the character they swiped:


For clarification, the two submitted characters was for a contest in which kids were asked to send in their own ideas for Mega Man bosses, which was a common practice back in the day, starting around part three I believe. Though the idea of Capcom dipping into the mailbag so far back seems pretty silly, and I’d like to think that this just some huge coincidence or misunderstanding. Via All Games Beta.

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