The Band Is Back Together: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

For those might have missed it, here’s the official trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 5 update:

The highlight is clearly seeing Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine back in the digs where it all began, the mansion that was also featured in the first Resident Evil. Though the other new mission, which takes place immediately after Redfield has freed Valentine from Albert Wesker’s control (which was easily my fave part of the game, btw) and sees Jill teaming up with Josh Stone, the BSAA operative, looks mighty fine as well. Though another thing I’d like to see come back is part 4’s control scheme, which for whatever reason, I found infinitely more comfortable than in part 5. The new hotness comes in the form of DLC next month, with a retail release including the original game plus all the extras the month after that.

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