Mat Dickie, The Greatest Game Designer You Have Never Heard Of

The following is a clip from the biblical game The You Testament, and is pretty much the most insane thing ever:

It’s the creation of Mat Dickie, a guy obsessed with mostly two things, religion and professional wrestling, but I’ll get to that last bit in just a moment. Considering what an epic “wtf” the thing appears to be, you’d think it would be a tad bit more famous, or at the very least, the subject of about a zillion animated gifs, courtesy of those crazy kids at 4chan. But alas, the only real thing I could find was this review from a Christian game site:

“The premise is you are a person who follows Jesus through the history of the New Testament, from His time with John the Baptist to His crucifixion and resurrection. Along the way, Jesus teaches you His wisdom and you see His works first-hand, creating a testament from your point of view.

You play in third person, moving your customizable character between areas in the Middle East (Jerusalem, Golgotha, the River Jordan, etc.) and interacting with characters. Sometimes you even play a role in moving the story forward, like when you have to find some money to get Jesus out of jail. You can even get crucified along side Jesus, but that didn’t happen on my play through, so it might be optional. This is a good idea for a game, but things started getting weird.

First of all, it’s built on an engine created for wrestling games and is very violent and bloody. The game is unrated, but I’m sure it would get a “M” for violence. It even includes a setting for “gore” that has the option “extreme”. Because of this wrestling engine foundation, it lets you beat up any character — women, children, and even Jesus!”

So who exactly is this Dickie character? If you take a gander at his about page, the first question that will immediately pop up is: “this guy for real or what?” And a quick glance at his blog will provide your answer, which is a resounding YES. Next, head on over to the products page where you’ll find all the amazing games that he’s created over the years, along with an auto-biography. I beg of you, please take the time to check out the sample pages; I’m seriously thinking of purchasing this insane idiot’s manifesto.

But back to his love for wrestling; his created countless sports entertainment simulators, and not surprisingly, folks like THQ have nothing to worry about. Here’s a clip from Wrestling MPire 2008:

Once again, from 2008. Thanks to All Games Beta for the head’s up.

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