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Monster Hunter Tri

This may well be the week that Capcom finally makes Monster Hunter the powerhouse in America that it is in Japan – or it may not. We’ve also got Sega bringing back a classic franchise, a certain Mr. Winterbottom making his long-awaited debut, and more in this week’s new games.

Monster Hunter Tri – The Monster Hunter games are huge out East, and for good reason – they combine addictively crunchy combat with obsessive Diablo-esque crap gathering and character improvement, fuse it all onto a simple-to-use multiplayer lobby and throw in tons of giant creatures for you and your pals to whack the crap out of. But, while the titles do OK over here, they haven’t really proven themselves as a workable franchise. Tri takes the action to the casual-friendly Wii and boasts underwater levels and comes with a pack-in black Classic Controller Pro to sweeten the pot. Look for a review this week.

The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom – Released earlier in the year on Xbox Live Arcade, this brain-strangling platformer is coming to PCs this week. The titular Mr. Winterbottom is a pie thief, but no ordinary rogue is he – he can create clones of himself to aid his banditry. They follow pre-recorded paths that you set, making the game a bizarre combination of Lemmings and Super Mario Brothers. Not for the slow of head or the faint of heart.

After Burner Climax – Sega can do things besides screw up Sonic, you know. For example, this 2006 arcade flyer coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. One of the company’s last great games, Climax will make you wet your pants with fast-paced dogfighting action.

Blood Bowl – Classic Games Workshop fantasy football (like orcs and elves, not like stats and drafts) comes to the PSP. Can Madden fans and D&D geeks find common ground? This game means to find out.

Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper – It’s a public domain showdown as the legendary detective goes nose to nose with the legendary serial killer. Unfortunately, the game only lets you play as Holmes and Watson, which is kind of a disappointment, but this old-school adventure game will scratch the itch of fans of puzzle-solving, fetch quests and historical gore.

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