The 6 Craziest And Dumbest Mortal Kombat Moments

The 6 Craziest Dumbest Mortal Kombat Moments

It’s been a weird E3, huh? 3DS, Konami staff losing their minds in press conferences and Metal Gear Solid: I Cut Out Your Spine featuring the most realistic real-time cut out your spine technology yet seen in the field of spine-cutting. Give me your spine. Fighting game fans got a boost though, with the first Marvel Vs Capcom title in ten years and a complete back to basics reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise. They’ve got a Mortal Kombat I want to play too, with fast combo-focused gameplay and X-Ray super combos that show you bone and organ damage as you beat on your opponent. What better time than now to look back through the series and reflect… reflect that sometimes Mortal Kombat is really really crazy, and sometimes really, really stupid?


Say what you like about Mortal Kombat 1 (I’ll start – it isn’t fit to clean Street Fighter II‘s sweaty crevices) but it avoids some obvious design choices. This is why Sub Zero skips any kind of cheesy ice-based nonsense for his fatality (that can wait for the sequels) in deference to pulling out your spine, using your severed head as purchase. This was literally the most violent thing that had happened to anyone, anywhere and the resulting moral panic saw civilisation destroyed by an army of deranged children pumped up on Kombat fever. Now all we have to do with our lives is fight bears for food in the decaying ruins of our cities. Thanks, Mortal Kombat!


By the time Mortal Kombat 3 turned up the franchise had lost its way horribly. Comedic fatalities, Sub Zero dressing like a dorky wrestler and series mainstay Scorpion replaced by one of three horrific “cyber-ninjas”, truly this was the nadir of the series. I do love Smoke’s fatality though, purely for the insane excess: he kills everyone in the whole world, including the whole world.

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