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Madden NFL 11

Charge onto the gridiron once more for the latest installment in the best-selling sports franchise of all time, Madden NFL. But if you don’t like dudes in tight pants running back and forth on a piece of grass for a couple hours with sporadic hugs, there’s plenty other games to scratch your joystick thumb. Let’s get to the new releases.

Madden NFL 11 – The PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii all see the latest Madden game, which offers a whole pile of incremental improvements to the best pigskin game on the market – from a new “strategy pad” that lets you fine-tune your plays with audibles and the like to a dual analog player control mechanism that lets you control the angle of your player’s body to shrug off blockers. But the big deal this time out is GameFlow, a revolutionary new system that lets you assign playmaking to an AI that you can customize, removing the hassle of manually selecting every play. You can still do it the old way, but this is a significant improvement for people who just want to get on the gridiron.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – This PSN game looks to be the greatest movie tie-in in a million years – an old-school River City Ransom-inspired beat-em-up with spectacular pixel art by Paul Robertson and a soundtrack by chiptune artists Anamanaguchi. Local co-op with four playable characters, an unlockable zombie survival mode, and tons more await you. Watch the trailer.

Enjoy your massage! – Ah, the Wii. The only console that would give us a “massage simulator puzzle game” and try to charge us for it. Rub down a variety of anime clients with your Wiimote in this bizarre niche title. Watch the trailer.

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