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It’s been another busy week in the world of gaming news. For the most part, the hottest game in the country at the moment has been dominating the headlines, though it being that time of the year, rumors about the next generation of video game consoles are starting to fly fast and furiously! Meanwhile, Nintendo’s hanging in there and iOS keeps on trucking..

Catwoman DLC Voucher [BoxTitle]The Catwoman DLC Clusterf*ck[/BoxTitle]

Many were not happy with Warner Bros’ decision to make Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City available with a code that came with brand new copies of the game. Meaning all used copies would require an additional $10, similar to how those wanting every multiplayer feature from many second hand FPSs would also have to obtain an “online pass” as well. But making matters worse was a mishap at the plant that produced the game. Not helping was the convoluted and complicated pre-order campaign that preceded the game.

For some, the Catwoman DLC voucher was absent. Meanwhile, others received a code for something completely different in its place (some other kind of content, associated with one the aforementioned promotional drives, either Robin DLC or a multiplayer map) In other cases, multiple codes were enclosed, so one person got three Catwoman codes instead of just one, while a select few received vouchers that were completely blank.

To rectify the situation, WB claims that it will send out anyone that’s owed a Catwoman code, provided they can prove one is due. This involves a proof of purchase of a new copy, a scan or digital picture of the package and game disc(s), a scan or digital picture of the code sheet (both sides), and more. It’s going to be a real mess and a speedy outcome to those affected is not very likely.

Batman Is Also Sexist
For those that were able to play as Catwoman, they discovered that the word “bitch” was used. A lot. To the point that many have taken offense and are calling the game sexist. Quite a few have pointed out that Batman has always dealt with mature themes, but one of the best examples is the cartoon that used to air on Fox Kids, and which was completely effective sans the need for any foul language.

And The Joker Might Be Calling It Quits

Mark Hamill, mostly known as the guy who played Like Skywalker, but who has also been the voice of the Joker for close to twenty years, in various cartoons and video games, announced on Twitter that Arkham City may have been his final performance as the caped crusader’s number one nemesis. No real reason was stated, and he teased giving it up shortly after the first game. No doubt when Arkham Island starts to happen, and if they give him enough money, we’ll see’s Hamill’s return.
Xbox 720 [BoxTitle]PS4 & Xbox 720 Rumors Pick Up The Pace[/BoxTitle]

Rumors regarding the next generation of consoles began popping up all of sudden, earlier this week. Some sources state that preliminary work on software using hardware specs that match the PlayStation 4 are in full swing. According to whomever, Sony’s next console is due in 2014. Meanwhile, those supposedly close to Microsoft claim that their new consoles, dubbed the Xbox 720, will supposedly arrive one year sooner during the holiday of 2013. Thus far, the only game mentioned has been another Fable title.

Bethesda Responds To Doom 4 Cancellation Rumors
Video gaming blog Kotaku reported that, due to the mixed critical reception and abundance of technical issues that plagued Rage, that Bethesda has decided to indefinitely postpone the much-anticipated Doom 4. In response, Bethesda in a very bold move claimed, flat out, that such news is rubbish. Which means one of two things: it truly is on track or it definitely is as dead a doornail. Time will only tell.

Hulu Plus Coming To The Wii And 3DS, Plus Other Announcements
Nintendo of America just announced a number of things on the horizon for their customers, with the biggest news being the arrival of streaming video service Hulu Plus in the near future. So people have yet another means of watching old episodes of Law & Order: SVU. 3D video recording is also coming to the handheld; up to 10 minutes of footage can be captured, along with the ability to create stop motion content.

An exclusive video is also coming from Dreamworks Animation: Michael Jackson’s Halloween classic Thriller, but redone via the cast of Shrek. As for games, the much anticipated Mario Kart 7 will have a heavy does of community features, plus people will finally be able to moves 3DS software from one handheld to another. About damn time.

PlayStation Vita Officially Dated And Priced In America, Japanese Pre-Orders Going Strong
Sony has announced the release dates and price points for their next generation handheld. US and Canadian fans can get their hands on one come February 22nd. The WiFi only model will be $249.99 and the WiFi/3G model will be $299.99. Meanwhile, in Japan, pre-orders have finally opened up (they get theirs in a little less than 2 months, on December 17th), and the buzz is how the 3G model is far and away the most sought after version.

Soul Calibur [BoxTitle]Soul Calibur Also Coming To iOS[/BoxTitle]

The very first Soul Calibur is also being ported to the iOS, it has just been revealed. No release date or price point was given. Meanwhile, the very first guest star for the soon to arrive part 5 has been announced, and it’s Ezio from Assassin’s Creed II/Brotherhood/Revelations. Definitely an excellent choice; he should be able to fit in quite nicely, at least more so than Spawn, Darth Vader, and Yoda from past installments.

One Of Nintendo’s Biggest Franchises Is Headed To iOS

In Japan, Level-5, who among their long list of credits is creators of the immensely popular Professor Layton series for the Nintendo DS, has announced Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. It’s actually a previously announced spin-off for the DS that has been redesigned for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It stars Professor Layton’s son, Hershel Layton. No idea about his sibling; perhaps that’s part of the mystery. And instead of a spunky young lad, Hershel’s partner is a rather cute and stylish lass. It hits Japan early next year; fingers crossed for an eventual US release.

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