Radiant Silvergun and Sonic Generations Review

As noted last week, Sega’s aiming to make a serious comeback. The plan of attack is two-fold. First, they’re dipping into the past and reminding everyone what made them so awesome, even if many others weren’t hip the facts.

Next has been properly rebuilding past legacies, but I’ll simply concentrate on the first point. So… how does one follow-up a pixel perfect port of a beloved arcade classic, along with a fine revisiting of Sega Saturn territory? More of the later, but not just any Saturn game, but easily it’s most sacred cow. Plus, how does Sonic’s latest effort to get back on top hold up?

Radiant Silvergun [BoxTitle]Radiant Silvergun [/BoxTitle] [Trailer]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfakyXCo_mY[/Trailer] [Review]https://heavy.com/games/game-reviews/2011/10/radiant-silvergun-game-review/[/Review]
Sonic Generations [BoxTitle]Sonic Generations [/BoxTitle] [Trailer]https://heavy.com/games/games-videos/game-trailers/2011/04/sonic-generations-game-trailer/[/Trailer] [Review]https://heavy.com/games/game-reviews/2011/10/sonic-generations-game-review/[/Review]

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