This Week In Gaming News

It’s been another mixed-up week in the world of video game news. It’s not everyday in which gamers grab the ear of the government. It’s actually is not a stretch to say that the death of SOPA was partly due to someone who didn’t want his God given right to post YouTube videos of him playing Modern Warfare 3 with a Sam Jackson soundboard to be infringed upon. Yes, I mean YOU.

Victory was attained earlier today when it was announced that the Stop Online Piracy Act, and its cousin, the Protect IP Act, were put on hold due to everyone making a huge stink about them.

Earlier this week, various websites went black, including a few game oriented outlets, as a form of protest. Though some game journalists advocated the boycotting of E3, since it is run by the Entertainment Software Association, which had been the biggest game related supporter of SOPA. Given this recent development, it remains to be seen if such a call for action (that virtually no one was going to take part in anyway) will go forward.

BioShock Infinite Will Meet Demands of Those Craving a Challenge
Just announced is the “1999 Mode” for the third release of BioShock. Based upon responses from a survey that Irrational Games conducted, the game will force more stringent resource management, better handling of weapons, and stricter conditions as it pertains to response.

As Ken Levine, the game’s creative director, states: “[yes] there are game saves, and you’re gonna f***ing need them.”

Resident Evil 6 [BoxTitle]Resident Evil 6 Revealed at Last[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer]

For the past week, a site spelling the end of the world began making the rounds. Everyone knew what the deal was, but the real question was what was being sold. A few key clues had some believing that it might be a possible new Resident Evil, and in the end, indeed it was.

The 6th official chapter finally brings together Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy, the two primary protagonists at last. This time, they must join forces to fight a gigantic zombie outbreak in China. There’s also a third guy, whose blood holds the cure to the virus or something like that.

Skyrim’s Upcoming Patch Fixes Problems and Puts Developer’s Tools in the Player’s Hands
Another major update is coming to address the million or so issues that plagues Elder Scrolls V. But besides all that is The Creation Kit, which will give players the same modding tools that the game’s makers have been using to actually create the game.

A wiki will also be set-up, to pass along information, and one will also be able to distribute said creations via Steam. Stuff can be searched by category, rated, and even flagged.

It goes without saying that this is a PC version exclusive. Sorry, Xbox 360 and PS3 peeps.

Max Payne 3 [BoxTitle]Max Payne 3 Delayed[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer]

Rockstar announced that their big spring release is being pushed back two months. While this doesn’t seem like the biggest deal, the delay means that it will arrive in the next fiscal year, which means that Rockstar will actually be posting a loss for this one, despite not having any major bombs on their hands.

On the plus side, the pre-order date for their fancy special edition package, which includes DLC, a soundtrack, Max Payne doll, and an arty-farty prints that capture the essence of Max’s world (including bullets and drugs) has been pushed to April as well.

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