Ever Wanted to Visit a Human Meat Butcher Shop? (Graphic Photos)

Do “Peppered Human & Lemon Sausages” and “J’avo Caught Human Thigh Steaks” sound appetizing to you? If they do, then (a) you might be on bath salts, or (b) you just can’t wait to get your hands around the next installment of the Resident Evil game series.

In an ingenious marketing maneuver, Capcom has opened a “pop-up” human meat market at a London museum, selling all sorts of cannibalistic delicacies for your consumption. The “market” is part of an exhibit both promoting Resident Evil 6 (I can’t wait!) and featuring lectures by food futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye.

The lectures examined trends in food consumption, and how human meat might fit into our diets in the future (not kidding). It may sound grim, and frankly grotesque, but if you are familiar at all with the RE series, then this kind of ideology is par for the course.

The game releases on October 2, and if you don’t have your copy reserved then I am silently judging you right now. For now, though, check out these awesome photos of possibly the best cross-promotion ever. Capcom, you rock.


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