L.A. Video Game Tournament Nets Champs $1Million!

If you think it takes a comic-con or pro wrestling event to pack an arena full of 7,000 nerds, then guess again, because last night crowned the second ever League of Legends tournament champions inside of L.A.’s So Cal Galen Center and record crowds—for an American video game tournament, anyway—screamed and spurred on their favorite, The Taipai Assassins, to a $1 million victory over their rivals, South Korea’s Azuba Frost.

E-sports are a big deal in Asia, among other places, but the craze is just finally catching on here in the states—so much so, that Activision Blizzard, creator of the mega popular “Call of Duty” franchise, is including a picture-in-picture feature with their next installment of the “Black Ops” series (so you can scream obscenities into your opponents face after they just fragged the hell out of you).

While last night’s duel to the death wasn’t broadcast on TV—it has before in the past, but ratings have never gained traction—it was live-streamed online.

Of course, just as in any sport, cheating abounds, as the second-place finishers, Azura Frost, were fined last week $30,000 for peeking at the overhead monitors. That’s a no-no in the world of e-sports.

Another no-no? Not deleting your browsing history before playing in front of 7,000 fans and having evidence of your constant groin-thwacking pop-up on a jumbotron.

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