PS4 Controller May Include A Touchpad; Rumored PS4 Reveal Event Will Be Livestreamed

PS4 Event

Sony’s rumored successor to the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4, may feature a controller that will come outfitted with a touchpad peripheral. Kotaku obtained an official “Orbis” document about the PS4 developer’s kit back in January, which revealed some information on the new console’s controller.

The touchpad will mimic the PSVita’s rear touchpad, which is capable of recognizing a person’s finger input. The touchpad addition to the controller may also be “clicked” by players for an additional button input.

A video explanation of the PSVita’s rear touchpad can be viewed below:

PSVita Rear Touchpad OverviewA quick overview on the new PSVita's Rear touchpad. Twitter-Alerio252012-02-27T05:25:00.000Z

The controller may also come outfitted with a “Share” button used for social networking features. Motion sensing technology will make its way over to this controller from Sony’s DualShock 3.

The PS4 development kit revealed some tech specifications about the system:

• 160GB Hard Drive
• 8GB of System Memory
• 2.2GB of Video Memory
• An AMD Bulldozer Eight Core Processor
• A Blu-Ray Drive
• Four USB 3.0 Ports
• Two Ethernet Ports

Sony’s PlayStation meeting on February 20 is rumored to be the official unveiling of the PlayStation 4. GameSpot reported that the event will be livestreamed online for everyone to see.

PS4 Controller

The meeting is set to take place in New York. The times for the event are as follows: 6 p.m. EST, 3 p.m. PST and 11: p.m. GMT.