Xbox 720 Leaker SuperDaE Raided By Police

According to Escapist Magazine, Dan Henry, also known as SuperDAE on twitter, had his house raided and searched due to leaking details of the Xbox 720 developer kit and attempting to sell the information on eBay.



Henry showed a copy of the the search warrant, and officers took Henry’s mobile device and all gaming consoles away. Police are also allowed to search any of Henry’s records related eBay, PayPal and Microsoft Corporation.


The Verge confirmed that West Australia police verified the warrant and didn’t comment any further on the investigation. A police officer working on Henry’s case said, “If he wants to tell the world that Police have been investigating him over stolen property,that is his choice,” said.

Henry recently spoke to Gizmodo and admitted to attempts of breaching into other companies such as Valve, which explains why the police took his game consoles away. Henry said the FBI was trying to extradite him. “They can’t extradite me straight up but they’re looking for those loopholes to do it,” he said.


Back in July of 2012, details and images of Microsoft’s next console were leaked.
Soon after, details were removed as Henry was asking for a price of $10,000. Other developers have been able to confirm that the images Henry leaked were the images from the developer kit.


Once the information was leaked, Henry leaked detailed information to Kotaku regarding details on the Xbox 720. This information described details and specifications including the storage capacity, controller design, internal hardware and integration with Kinect.

Microsoft had no comments in regards to Henry’s raid.

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