‘Saints Row IV’ Trailer Reveals Official Release Date [VIDEO]

For fans of Volition’s insane open world action/adventure series, today is your lucky day.

A brand new debut trailer for the next entry in the series, titled Saint’s Row IV, features the same off-the-wall gameplay series veterans are used to. Groins are kicked, frozen baddies are shattered with devastating punches, skydiving antics are displayed, and men wearing hot dog uniforms can be seen.

The official synopsis of this sequel places you in the shoes of the Saints’ gang leader, who has just been elected president of the United States. When the aliens invade, players find themselves trusted into an alien-created simulation of the game’s Steelport city. Of course, you’ll be able to take out the aliens with their own space age weaponry. Plus, a bunch of otherworldly powers will now be at your disposal.

Saint's Row 4

It’s safe to say that the game’s new publisher, Deep Silver, is looking to make this game just as big of a success as Saint’s Row III. THQ’s dissolution freed the franchise and the series’ developer and Deep Silver decided to purchase this financially successful franchise. Be ready to get your hands on this madness, as it releases this year on August 20 (North America) and August 23 (Worldwide) for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

The trailer’s overlying message: This game is “the climactic chapter of the Saga that changed all the rules.”

No plans have been announced for next-gen consoles. Sadly, this game won’t be landing on the Wii U, as evidenced by the response given by Deep Silver to Game Informer on the issue:


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