Killzone: Mercenary: Game Trailers and Gameplay Videos You Need to See

Killzone Vita
Killzone: Mercenary will be landing on the PS Vita with touch screen features, customizable loadout, brand new combat tactics, and a new lead character. Check out this trailers page for all the gameplay you need to see.

Announce Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Blackjack Trailer

Killzone: Mercenary ‘Mantys Engine Gameplay’

Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer Behind The Scenes

Killzone: Mercenary ‘GamesCom 2013 Trailer’

Killzone: Mercenary Trailer – Bringing Killzone To Vita

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Killzone: Mercenary ‘Porcupine Gameplay’

Killzone: Mercenary ‘Sky Fury Gameplay’

Killzone: Mercenary ‘Ghost & Karapace Gameplay’

Killzone: Mercenary ‘Arc Missile, Vultur & X3-JMR Gameplay’

Killzone: Mercenary ‘Full Demo Walkthrough’

Killzone: Mercenary ‘New Single Player Gameplay’

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