LEGO Breaking Bad: The Video Game Looks Like An Instant Buy

LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game parody1 MILLION VIEWS! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! As a thank you, Saul, Walter Jr, Wendy and Vince Gilligan in Desktop form: EVEN MORE wallpapers — I have no affiliation with Traveller's Tales, LEGO, or AMC. I'm just a huge fan of the stuff they make. But seriously, if they all got together and…2013-04-30T02:53:49.000Z

This is beyond impressive.

LEGO and Traveller’s Tales are known for developing some great LEGO-themed video games for some of the most recognizable entertainment properties on the planet. Those games have clearly been aimed at the little kiddies, but this “we so wish it was real” trailer for LEGO Breaking Bad: The Video Game would strictly be for the adults. Walter White with a yellow skin shade and blocky body texture doesn’t keep the man from engaging in drug dealing. We smell an “M” rating on this one…

Check out the trailer above and join the club of folks who’d buy this game in a heartbeat..if it really existed.


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AMC’s other noteworthy dramas got the LEGO treatment as well. YouTube user “ZachMG” created a nice LEGO rendition of Mad Men, which can be watched above.

The Lego Walking DeadAn entry to LegoBCC's contest. The only reason the "foul language" is censored is because that was the terms of the contest. Stupid right. Like if you hate censorship! Check out my other videos:

We didn’t forget about you Walking Dead fans. Check out the above video for a look at an integral scene from the series…with LEGO’s. Deep stuff right here, people.

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