Lost Planet 3: Game Trailers and Gameplay Videos You Need to See

Lost Planet 3

The next installment in the Lost Planet series is arriving for the third game, Lost Planet 3. Watch these trailers, cop a pre-order, and try to maintain your sanity till it releases on August 27, 2013.

Lost Planet 3 cinematic trailerIntroducing our hero Jim, his massive Utility Rig and a giant, pissed off akrid. Lost Planet 3 returns to the extreme conditions of the first title while introducing new gameplay elements and characters. Out early 2013 for 360, PS3 and PC.2012-04-10T15:26:19.000Z

Cinematic Trailer

Lost Planet 3 E3 Trailer 20122012-06-04T19:00:08.000Z

E3 2012 Trailer

Lost Planet 3 E3 2012 StreamPlaying through the E3 demo with Producer Andrew Szymanski and Game Director Matt Sophos.2012-06-09T00:46:32.000Z

E3 2012 Stream

Lost Planet 3 – Official GamesCom 2012 Trailer2012-08-14T11:14:55.000Z

GamesCom 2013 Trailer

Lost Planet 3 – TGS 2012We caught up with Lost Planet 3 producer Andrew Szymanski in the chilled interior of the game's TGS booth. Andrew was kind enough to field a few questions from our community and even touch upon some of the game's multiplayer features. Subscribe to Capcom Unity Videos bit.ly/Qjb2MV2012-09-21T08:50:48.000Z

Tokyo Game Show 2012 Trailer

Lost Planet 3 – New York Comic-Con panelAn in-depth look at the characters and creation of Lost Planet 3 hosted by producers Andrew Szymanski and Kevin Scharff. See new footage and the motion capture technology behind bringing compelling characters to life. Subscribe to Capcom Unity Videos bit.ly/Qjb2MV2012-10-24T21:27:12.000Z

New York Comic-Con Trailer

Lost Planet 3 'Single Player Gameplay Trailer' TRUE-HD QUALITY►► Remember to select 720p HD◄◄ The latest trailer for Lost Planet 3. The latest chapter in the Lost Planet series is here. The extreme and unpredictable conditions that characterised the Lost Planet series return, harsher than ever before. Lost Planet 3 reveals new truths about the foreboding planet and the colonial history of E.D.N.…2013-06-20T10:40:23.000Z

Lost Planet 3 ‘Single Player Gameplay Trailer’

Lost Planet 3 – Frozen to DeathThink you've got what it takes to survive the grim conditions of E.D.N. III described above? Test your survival skills now with the Great Survivors app! smarturl.it/LP-GS Lost Planet 3 comes out on August 27th in North America, August 30th in Europe for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Subscribe to the Official Capcom Unity…2013-08-01T17:20:06.000Z

Lost Planet 3 – Frozen to Death

Capcom Gamescom Event – Lost Planet 3 segmentProducer Andrew Szymanski and series visionary Kenji Oguro show off some new footage and gameplay from this story and character-driven prequel. Lost Planet 3 is due out early 2013.2012-08-24T18:44:52.000Z

Capcom GameCom Event Segment

Lost Planet 3 – Pirate Reveal TrailerThis trailer continues the story of Jim Peyton's time on E.D.N. III as a NEVEC employee seeking out further sources of the planet's energy supply T-Eng. During one of these missions, Jim comes under attack from E.D.N. III's indigenous Akrid, causing his Utility Rig to fall down an icy fissure, leaving him unconscious and injured.…2013-03-06T16:02:37.000Z

Pirate Reveal Trailer

Lost Planet 3 – Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus – Freedom FighterExpand to read more about the Freedom Fighter Pack, pre order at bit.ly/ZcSHkk (Gamestop, US only), and bit.ly/10bNAnc (EBGames, Canada). • Grace Peyton —The woman behind the man. Beautiful but also tough and resilient, Grace keeps the family together whilst the earth falls into chaos and Jim is working millions of miles from home. •…2013-04-09T16:57:57.000Z

Freedom Fighter Pre-Order Bonus

Lost Planet 3 – Amazon Pre-Order Bonus – Punisher PackExpand to read more about the Punisher Pack, pre order at amzn.to/101ZbWS now (pre-order site update coming soon, Amazon US only) • Incinerator (Particle Thrower Variant) —This improved version delivers greater range and damage than its predecessor, but with less accuracy and a tendency to overheat rapidly. The particle beam can set targets on fire.…2013-04-09T16:58:01.000Z

Punisher Pack Pre-Order Bonus

Lost Planet 3 – BestBuy Pre-Order Bonus – Assault PackExpand to read more about the Assault Pack, pre order at bit.ly/14xHeUI (Best Buy, US only) • Assault Shotgun — A NEVEC specialized version of the normal Shotgun, this prototype weapon has semi-automatic fire allowing for a faster delivery of damage. • Customized Pneumatic Injector Gun. — An improved variant of the Pneumatic Injector Gun.…2013-04-09T16:58:04.000Z

Assault Pack Pre-Order Bonus

Lost Planet 3 – Multiplayer TrailerLost Planet 3 multiplayer will feature four separate modes across six diverse maps, pitting NEVEC against the Snow Pirates. This trailer marks the announcement of two of these modes–Scenario Mode and Akrid Survival. Scenario Mode sets each team with a series of either offensive or defensive challenges and mixes them up with the extreme and…2013-04-25T06:56:30.000Z

Multiplayer Trailer

VideoVideo related to lost planet 3: game trailers and gameplay videos you need to see2013-05-14T12:15:18-04:00

Lost Planet 3 Monologue Gameplay Trailer HD | PS3/X360/PC August 27

Chattin' with Jim – The Man Behind the RigDuring our E3 livestreaming, we were graced with a surprise appearance by Bill Watterson, who provided the talent behind Lost Planet 3 protagonist Jim Payton. Bill not only did Jim's motion capturing, he also provided the voice and facial model. Also present was the game's producer, Andrew Szymanski, allowing for lots of insight on LP3's…2013-06-24T18:37:20.000Z

Chattin’ with Jim – The Man Behind the Rig

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