Quantum Break: Game Trailers and Gameplay You Need to See

Quantum Break

A brand new game that has adverse effects on the future TV show based on it is coming to the Xbox OneQuantum Break. Check out the trailers and gameplay for this next-gen game by keeping your eyes locked on this trailers page.

Quantum BreakMaster time to survive the present… and save the future. From the creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne comes Quantum Break, a revolutionary entertainment experience that blurs the line between gameplay and television. With Quantum Break, the world will see a new generation of immersive entertainment, only possible on Xbox One. ESRB Rating: RATING…2013-05-21T18:00:27.000Z

Reveal Trailer

Quantum Break Xbox One GameplayEnjoy2013-06-10T17:31:18.000Z

Quantum Break Xbox One Gameplay

Quantum Break – Behind the Scenes E3 2013 TrailerEnjoy2013-06-11T15:11:06.000Z

Quantum Break – Behind the Scenes E3 2013 Trailer

VGX 2013: Quantum Break Gameplay TrailerEveryone's been wondering what the gameplay actually looks like. Well, here it is — judge for yourself. For all the excitement of VGX head over to: gametrailers.com2013-12-09T02:00:01.000Z

VGX 2013: Quantum Break Gameplay Trailer

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