‘Remember Me’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Remember Me Game

Remember Me is one of the newest games to arrive on current-gen consoles for 2013. It changes things up by including a female protagonist whose a memory hunter in the year 2084. We’re excited about this fresh take on the action/adventure genre and you should definitely have this game on your radar. Here’s the top 10 facts you need to know about this futuristic, memory wiping adventure.

1. The Game’s Development Started in 2008

Remember Me Game

The concept development for Remember Me began in 2008. At first, the game’s title was Adrift. The original world was one that was damaged by massive flooding due to extreme global warming conditions. The main gameplay hook was the use of jetskis, as they were the main transportation tool used to navigate the game’s coastal city.

Later on in development, Dontnod Entertainment thought that the concept of memory was a better central theme. The game was changed according to this idea. At first, the game’s director (Jean-Max Moris) was hesitant to place the game in Paris, due to the fact that the development team were located there. However, Paris soon became the game’s main location after all.

At first, Dontnod and Sony were co-developing the game as a PS3 exclsuive. Full game development began in February 2010, but creative disagreements between both companies led to the cancellation of the project in February 2011. Capcom later purchased the game’s IP and funded the title. Remember Me then became a multi-platform title.

2. There Was Some Opposition to the Female Lead Character

Remember Me Game

The main protagonist of the game is female meomry hunter by the name of Nilin. When she was revealed, there was extreme opposition to her inclusion. While speaking to The Mary Sue, Jean-Max Moris spoke about the publishers that didn’t feel Nilin would sell the game:

We had some [prospective publishers] that said, ‘Well, we don’t want to publish it because that’s not going to succeed. You can’t have a female character in games. It has to be a male character, simple as that.’ …We wanted to be able to tease on Nilin’s private life, and that means for instance, at one point, we wanted a scene where she was kissing a guy,” Morris said. “We had people tell us, ‘You can’t make a dude like the player kiss another dude in the game, that’s going to feel awkward.’ I’m like, ‘If you think like that, there’s no way the medium’s going to mature.’ There’s a level of immersion that you need to be at, but it’s not like your sexual orientation is being questioned by playing a game. I don’t know, that’s extremely weird to me.

3. The Soundtrack Was Composed by Oliver Deriviere

Remember Me Game

The soundtrack is composed by Olivier Deriviere, who’s done great musical work for several movies and TV shows. In an interview with Game Informer, he provided some information on how he got involved with the game and its musical score:

There was a pitching process, and I did something completely crazy because I felt this game needed such a risk. When I got the email that confirmed I was selected as the composer it took me a week to really believe it. But what surprised me even more is when I first met Jean-Max Moris, the creative director, he asked me to go even crazier. I guess I was lucky, once again. Remember Me is not just a game; it’s a fully realized world that the creative team at DONTNOD created from scratch. During my first contact [with the game], I was quite confused by so much information and I felt the music should reflect this confusion. The music supports what’s happening in the game, not as an illustration but as another layer of information. I think you can understand everything by listening to the soundtrack on its own.

4. The Setting is 2084 Neo-Paris

Remember Me Game

Remember Me takes place in the year 2084 in a futuristic re-imagining of Paris called Neo-Paris. A massive corporation called MEMORIZE has created a brain implant called the “Sensation Engine (Sensen)”, which enables 99-percent of the population to upload and share their memories on the internet. This invention and activity helps give totalitarian control over Neo-Paris, which turns this location into a surveillance state. A group of rebels (“Errorists”) oppose this new regime and plan to bring down MEMORIZE. Nilin, a memory hunter who worked for MEMORIZE, has her memories wiped by the company. She was formerly employed to change/alter other people’s memories. Now she’s on the run and looking to retrieve her very own memories.

5. The Game’s Main Catch is the Memory Remix Gameplay

Remember Me – Memory Remix Gameplay2012-08-14T10:49:46.000Z
The memory remixing gameplay plays a huge part in making this title stand out from its competition. Players will be able to steal memories from specific targets and use them as repayable sequences during real-time gameplay. There are also parts where Nilin will have to modify the memories of certain characters during the game’s puzzle-like sequences. Check out the video above for some examples of these instances.

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6. You Can Create Your Own Combo Chains

Remember Me Game

Nilin is a very agile fighter who will have to contend with all types of opposition during her search for her memories. The game will allow players to create their own combo strings for combat in the “Combo Lab.” There are reportedly 50,000 possible combinations of the game’s “Pressen” fighting moves.

7. The Game’s Theme Was Inspired By Social Networking

Remember Me Game

The memory sharing theme was inspired by the rise of social networking in this current age of technology. Jean-Max Moris spoke with Penny Arcade about how social networking impacted the game’s synopsis:

Cyberpunk games or really, any type of cyberpunk entertainment is about identifying technical trends today, extrapolate it to the near future, and see what happens. You want to have a social commentary about it or political commentary about it or just fiction centered around it. Today, we share our histories and the events in our lives via social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Moris said that was fascinating to him, and so the world of Remember Me takes the concept one step further, allowing individuals within its universe to completely digitize and re-live past experiences.

8. The Game’s Story References George Orwell’s Novel Nineteen Eighty-Four

Remember Me Game

The game references George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four through the overall plot and setting. Although it may feature some elements of this tale, the game wasn’t meant to offer an overarching message or meaning. Jean-Max Moris reportedly preferred it that way.

9. Street Fighter Moves Are Available

Remember Me Game

For Street Fighter’s millions of fans, a special treat is in store for them in Remember Me. The pre-order bonus for the game adds a host of moves from Capcom’s most popular fighting game series. Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono is helping out Dontnod Entertainment with the game’s combat, which may be the reason why his fighting game’s special moves have been added. Capcom senior producer Mat Hart told Eurogamer about Ono and his work with Dontnod Entertainment:

He’s my boss and he and I speak very regularly about the game, and he’s come out with me to Paris. He knows the team and knows the game very well. I always benefit from his wisdom when I’m chatting to him about how we’re progressing.It’s a bit like the situation Capcom has with [Devil May Cry developer] Ninja Theory. The strategy of western development is building teams together – Capcom and a developer coming together and making a game together – as opposed to quite an old-fashioned approach of being adversarial. We’re moving away from that.

10. It’s Releasing In June

Remember Me Game

Remember Me is being released for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms on June 4, 2013 (U.S.) and June 7, 2013 (U.K.).