Sonic: Lost World: Game Trailers and Gameplay Video You Need to See

Sonic Lost Worlds
Sega is partnering up with Nintendo to release a bunch of exclusive games for the Wii U gaming console. One of the those games stars Sega’s most iconic video game mascot – Sonic the Hedgehog. Watch all the game trailers and gameplay footage for Sonic: Lost World right here.

Sonic: Lost World: Debut Trailer

Sonic Lost Worlds Windy Hill Tutorial Gameplay

Sonic Lost Worlds Desert Ruins Zone 2 Gameplay

Sonic Lost Worlds Windy Hill Zone 1 Gameplay

Sonic Lost World Launch Trailer (North America)

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A Tour of Sonic Lost Worlds – IGN Plays

Sonic Lost World Nintendo 3DS Trailer

Sonic Lost World – Color Powers Trailer

Sonic Lost World – Gamescom 2013 Trailer

Sonic Lost World – Play Together Trailer (Gamescom)

Sonic: Lost World – Deadly Six Extended Trailer

Sonic Lost World – Wii U Launch Trailer

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