How to Pre-Order an Xbox One Right Now

Those of you who are excited for the Xbox One and want to pre-order it as soon as possible are in luck: The Xbox One is available for pre-order registration right now.

What does that mean? Basically you’ll be notified first when the Xbox One is available to pre-order. Or, as Gizmodo puts it, you’re basically “pre-ordering the pre-order.”

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There are two different ways you can pre-order the Xbox One. You can go on Amazon and sign up, or you can go to the Microsoft Store and pre-order an Xbox One there. We suggest going through Microsoft so you can get the $10 store credit. As far as we can tell, Amazon isn’t offering the same deal.

For those of you out there who don’t know if they should hold onto their Xbox 360 or not, you might want to keep that system in your stash. The Xbox One is powered by all new technology that won’t work with its predecessor. So that simply means – no backwards compatibility. Xbox head Don Mattrick made sure to offer this controversial comment to The Wall Street Journal about those who are crying out for that feature:

If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.

The Xbox One has a ton of features and fantastic specs that make it one of the best next-gen consoles. With voice-activation and recognition, a brand new Kinect and controller, and specs out the wazoo, the Xbox One would be a great console to pre-order.

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