E3 2013′s Greatest Moments: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know


While E3 is typically the most momentous hub of videogame news and announcements for the year, E3 2013 was even more eventful than most. Between the next round of console wars featuring Microsoft and Sony, to a slew of new game announcements, this E3 proved to dole out plenty of information that gamers craved. Here are the 10 greatest moments from E3 2013.

1. Ouya and the ESA Duke It Out


The Entertainment Software Associated (ESA), the organization that owns and operates E3, was not exactly pleased with Ouya’s presence outside of the official E3 event. Displaying their wares in the parking lot, Ouya attempted to subvert directly dealing with the ESA by instead renting a space across the street from the iconic videogame convention.

However, the ESA responded in kind by renting out the space right in front of Ouya’s outdoor both and parking semi-trucks there, completely blocking Ouya’s display. In what could only be described as a literal dick-measuring contest, Ouya then rented the space in front of the ESA’s truck, which prompted the ESA to call in the LAPD. Finding no legal reason to boot Ouya, the LAPD left them alone, and the dispute ultimately remained unresolved.

2. ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ is Actually Happening


Much to the surprise of almost everyone, Sony debuted what we all thoughts was a lost cause: the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. Many thought that the next numbered entry in the crossover series would go the way of Half Life 3 (as in, not happening), but Sony and Square Enix proved us wrong. The teaser didn’t show much, but the statement at the end tells us that the game is currently in development.

And really, that’s all our hearts needed to hear.

3. ‘Killer Instinct’ Makes A Killer Return


The biggest reveal of Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference was the announcement of a new entry in the Killer Instinct franchise, giving developer Rare’s acclaimed fighter a much-needed resurrection. The trailers for the game show off some fantastic gameplay and the game looks like a very exciting fighter in the vein of Street Fighter 4.

The game will be released as a free to play title on the launch of Xbox One and will come with Jago as a free playable character, with the rest of the cast unlockable via paid micro-transactions.

4. ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Back in Action


Another franchise thought to be thrown by the wayside, a new Star Wars: Battlefront is in the works from publisher EA. Not much is known except for the fact that Battlefield 3 developer DICE is helming development, which is enough to put our faith in while we patiently wait for more information. While not revealing much, the teaser is worth taking a look at, if only for some Hoth nostalgia, which was arguably the best map in previous iterations.

5. ‘Mirror’s Edge’ Gets A Mirrored Prequel


Everyone’s favorite parkour expert is back, with some gorgeous looking pre-rendered footage showing off to what hopefully shapes up to a worthy prequel to its 2008 predecessor. Faith, the protagonist of the Mirror’s Edge series, has been lost in EA development hell for some time, so it’s great to see her back in action. Just what that action is remains to be seen, as the second installment will take place before Faith’s adventures in the original game.

6. ‘Mega Man’ Makes A Huge Smash


Just as Solid Snake’s announcement in Super Smash Bros. Brawl brought waves of excitement to Nintendo and Konami fans alike, Mega Man’s announcement in the latest iteration of Super Smash Bros. shows a great commitment from Nintendo and Capcom to feature some great content in the game. Mega Man hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight lately, so being featured in the latest Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS is a great way for the once-iconic character to regain some much needed star power.

7. Sony Uses Snark To Troll Microsoft

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Sony’s President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida took an expertly aimed swing at Microsoft’s lack of used game functionality with the Xbox One, showing off how the PS4’s used game policy will reflect that of previous generations of console, meaning that they can play used games without issue.

Sony CEO Jack Tretton later walked back that statement a bit, clarifying that third parties could require additional multiplayer DRM beyond Playstation Plus. Still, it was a triumphant moment for Sony, and will live on in internet infamy as one giant corporation trolling another.

8. Bungie Unveils New Shooter


Halo developer Bungie has been quietly developing Destiny since parting ways from Microsoft and signing a ten year exclusive contract with Activison, but E3 2013 was the first time that substantial gameplay from the new series was shown. While the series certainty shares similarities with Bungie’s Halo franchise, Destiny has a massive Borderlands 2 feel to it that may elevate the MMOFPS genre to new heights.

9. Ubisoft Brings Out New Tom Clancy IP


For the second year in a row, Ubisoft showcased a brand new IP at the end of their E3 conference. In Tom Clancy’s The Division, a third person shooter MMO, players fight in squads in a plague-infested New York that has been ruined by the power of money, an interesting premise if there ever was one. The game is in active development, and expect a release for both the Xbox 360 and the PS4.

10. Microsoft Limits Used Games


Although it was speculated that Microsoft’s Xbox One would block used game sharing, the extent that Microsoft pledged to go during their E3 conference to get used games off the market is ridiculous. The policies as they are know are about as transparent as an endless abyss, and Microsoft shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. It may not be a great policy, but with news that the Xbox One has already sold out of pre-orders, it may bother people less than you would think.

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