Tearaway: Game Trailers and Gameplay Videos You Need to See


Check out the trailers for the upcoming PS Vita and Media Molecule game, Tearaway.

Tearaway Announce Trailer

Tearaway Announce TrailerTearaway stars iota, a messenger from a paper dimension whose envelope head contains an urgent message to deliver…to you! In order to read yours, you'll need to take up the role of co-star and, together with iota, journey through the vibrant papery landscape – two buddies going on an epic adventure.2012-08-14T19:52:57.000Z

Tearaway Sogport Trailer

Tearaway Sogport TrailerOne of the stops you'll make along the journey in Tearwaway is Sogport, a mysertious island marooned in a deep sea of glue. Dotted across the foggy landscape of Sogport are deeps forests, a mysterious research facility, a harbor town and a fissure said to be inhabited by monstrous wildlife. For more information visit: tearaway.mediamolecule.com/…2013-01-31T06:00:32.000Z

Tearaway – Origins of a Papercraft World

Tearaway – Origins of a Papercraft WorldWe sat down with Media Molecule's Lead Designer for Tearaway, Rex Crowle, to learn about the origins of Tearaway. Pre-order today! us.playstation.com/psvita/games-and-media/psv-tearaway.html Embark upon a new adventure from the creators of LittleBigPlanet™, with your new friend; a plucky papery messenger from another dimension with a unique message to deliver—to YOU! Only on PlayStation Vita. ©2013…2013-04-09T15:53:01.000Z

Tearaway – E3 2013 Trailer HD

Tearaway – E3 2013 Trailer HDTearaway – E3 2013 Trailer HD Enjoy2013-06-11T20:52:47.000Z

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