WATCH: PlayStation E3 2013 Press Conference Live-Stream Video HERE at 9 p.m. EST

Tune in right here at 9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. PST for live coverage as Sony presents presents its plans for the PlayStation brand’s future at E3 2013.

Sony made sure to let the gaming public know that the PS4 is real and is coming to your living room real soon. Now, its part two for the company’s event presentation for everything surrounding its PlayStation gaming brand. Will Sony adopt the game plan as its rivals, or will it stay true to gamers and adopt a traditional model of “games, games, and more games?” Stay tuned to find out…

Check out the live stream of the event above and follow our coverage of the proceedings below. We’ll be covering the event with live commentary and pics of all the announcements that go down.

Share your impressions of the event in the comment section below.

Make sure you check out everything that’s happening here for E3 2013!

Live Blog:

11:06 pm: It’s been an eventful day, gamers. Thanks for staying with us through Sony’s incredible E3 2013 event.

11:05 PM: Awesome montage time…again lol.

11:03 pm: $400 for the PS4? YES! YES! YES! YES!

10:54 pm: Destiny looks even sweeter in motion. Nice loot system and had this whole Borderlands thing goin’ with the co-op boss fights and loot system.

10:44 pm: Everything that’s bad about the Xbox One isn’t going to be on the PS4. Good job, Sony!

10:42 pm: PS4 supports used games. Crowd. Goes. Wild. As they should.

10:40 pm: Mad Max? A game? Surprising, to say the least.

10:37 pm: The Elder Scrolls Online. PS4 Beta coming soon.

10:27 pm: Watch Dogs is up next.

10:22 pm: Best conference: Sony. Because of the last game I just mentioned. This extra Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag gameplay is just the icing on this already delicious cake.

10:17 pm: KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:16 pm: Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still kicking after all. Square Enix went all out on this new trailer. One of those new dudes looks strikingly familiar (Cloud).

10:12 pm: Diablo 3. Sony wasn’t lying when they said they were all about the games.

10:09 pm: Outlast? I wanna be scared by a next-gen game. BRING IT ON! Plus Oddworld is back!

10:08 pm: Don’t Starve is coming to the PS4. The indy games movement on Sony’s consoles is looking real good.

10:06 pm: Time for Transistor (from the guys who made Bastion). Coming to the PS4 in 2014.

10:00 pm: The Dark Sorcerer from Quantic Dream is up now.

9:55 pm: New Killzone: Shadow Fall footage. Plus some new vids for the PS4’s already announced titles.

9:53 pm: New IP – The Order: 1886. Kinda gave off a Van Helsing vibe.

9:50 pm: 30 PS4 games are currently in development. They’ll all come to the console in the first year of the console’s life cycle. 12 of these games are new IP’s.

9:46 pm: Video Unlimited service is going to be a day one service for the PS4. RedBox Instant is coming too, as well as Live Events Viewer for PPV feeds. Flixster is also becoming a console app for Sony’s machines.

9:42 pm: Michael Lynton is out for some Sony Entertainment updates. Movies and music, folks.

9:40 pm: So that’s what the PS4 looks like, huh? Its…unique, to say the least.

9:36 pm: Exclusive content for Batman: Arkham Origins – Knightfall and 60’s Batman outfit. GTA 5 PS3 & headset on the way, too.

9:30 pm: A lot more action for Beyond: Two Souls, I see.

9:28 pm: The Last of Us and more PS3 games (The Puppeteer) are getting some shine.

9:25 PM: The PS Vita is getting a bunch of new games, as well as revisions of past Sony classics. New episode for The Walking Dead on the Vita: 400 Days.

9:20 pm: Jack Tretton is out.

9:19 pm: Sony is the king of video game montages.

9:18 pm: Took long enough, right?

9:05 pm: Just got done with a bit where the developers spoke about the gaming capabilities of the PS4 hardware.

8:59 pm: 9 screens and a full crowd ready for some PS news.

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