WATCH: Ubisoft E3 2013 Media Briefing Live-Stream Video HERE at 6 p.m. EST

Tune in right here at 6 p.m. EST / 3 p.m. PST for live coverage as Electronic Arts presents takes the stare at E3 2013.

Ubisoft is back at this year’s E3, which means they’re set to present their soon-to-be-released products for the gaming world. Rayman Legends and Watch Dogs will make an appearance during the company’s livestream, as well as a slew of games we’ve never seen before. Most importantly, will gamers get another sneak peek at Beyond Good & Evil 2? Keep your fingers crossed like us, folks…

Check out the live stream of the event above and follow our coverage of the proceedings below. We’ll be covering the event with live commentary and pics of all the announcements that go down.

Share your impressions of the event in the comment section below.

Make sure you check out everything that’s happening here for E3 2013!

Live Blog:

7:17 pm: Ubisoft E3 2013 press conference is over, gamers! Thanks for staying with us.

7:16 pm: Massive Entertainment showed off an epic trailer with an interesting premise (nice gameplay reveal, too) for their new game – The Division. Tom Clancy’s behind it. Nice!

7:01: Trials Fusion for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Time for more faceplants and broken bones. Mobile game also on the way.

7 pm: A new trailer? Awesome music, too.

6:52 pm: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is up with a new trailer. Pirates, scalawags, drinking, assassinations…AND SO MUCH MORE! I just wanna get my sail on.

6:49 pm: The Rabbids TV show will be landing on the Xbox One. No surprise there. Should be cool. It’s heavy on the minigames.

6:46 PM: Rabbids Invasion. This one’s a TV show that can be played while watching it. Playing with TV shows? Awesome?

6:44 pm: Just Dance 2014…yay? Not really, but hey it sells like a million copies every year.

6:39 pm: Watch Dogs gameplay. FINALLY! GTAV is on notice.

6:31 pm: Time for some online racing in NY and Miami. Looks like an always-persistent online connection will be needed to fully enjoy the fruits of this game’s labor.

6:27 pm: A new racing game is getting the CGI-trailer treatment. Title – The Crew.

6:21 pm: Now for that long delayed South Park RPG. I’ve been warning to see some more of this one. The “Nagasaki” fart technique. Powerful.

6:17 pm: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is up next. Stealing other people’s loot sounds fun.

6:16 pm: The co-op for this game looks insanely fun. Beautiful animation as always.

6:12 pm: PLEASE NO TIME MACHINE! Rayman Legends, yes please. Dreamworks-like movie presentation right here.

6:08 pm: Splinter Cell: Blacklist is up! Spies vs. Mercs makes its return. Forced applause…nice.

6:04 pm: Rocksmith 2014. Time to rock out and actually learn how to play that guitar thingy.

6 pm: Time for E3 2013’s Ubisoft’s meeting. Corny comedians, unfunny jokes and good games? Yep, yes an uh huh?

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