WATCH: Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing Live-Stream Video HERE at 12:30 p.m. EST

Tune in right here at 12:30 p.m. EST / 9:30 a.m. PST for live coverage as Microsoft presents the future of the Xbox gaming brand.

Microsoft has promised weary gamers who think the Xbox One is purely an entertainment system that they’re making an effort to bring them the one thing they want – GAMES! This E3 2013 press conference will either quiet the Xbox One detractors or continue to keep hardcore gamers far away from the new console. Let’s all hope Microsoft brings it during their time on that E3 stage.

Check out the live stream of the event above and follow our coverage of the proceedings below. We’ll be covering the event with live commentary and pics of all the announcements that go down.

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Live Blog:

1:59 pm: Microsoft announces its partnership with 5 new development studios to create brand new games.

1:58 pm: Below is a new IP for the system.

Battlefield 4

1:55 pm: Battlefield 4 lands some exlcusive DLC with “Second Assault” package upon release.

Battlefield 4

1:46 pm: Never mind, game’s on! Looks chaotic, as it should be in a Battlefield game.

1:44 pm: Battlefield 4 should be up…soon. Yikes, this is kinda hard to watch. Who’s the jerk in the crowd? Quiet down, will ya!

1:36 pm: Improvised weapons are back and the melee combat sounds as impactful as ever.

Dead Rising 3

1:33 pm: Dead Rising 3 from Capcom! Live gameplay looks gory and full with hungry zombies. No load times in this open-world game.

Dragon Xbox One

1:31 pm: Crimson Dragon. From the dudes behind Panzer Dragoon. And the audio is being provided by the restless (but excited) crowd.

1:30 pm: Microsoft Points are being ditched for real money. Thank God!

Killer Instinct Xbox One

1:29 pm: Twitch is built into Xbox One.

Killer Instinct Xbox One

1:27 pm: Arcade fight stick to launch with Xbox One. Killer Instinct gameplay has me on the edge of my seat. Recorded vids and photos can go down while you’re playing.


1:25 pm: Smart Glass enabled Smart Match, which makes your online gaming experience a tad bit easier. Tips can be sent to players as you play along, plus online matches can be set up in the background.

1:22 pm: “Let’s go Rockman!” memes in 5, 4, 3, 2…

Project Spark

1:19 pm: Project Spark? Voice control, Smart Glass compatibility, and player creation. Pretty cool.


1:18 pm: Something new is being displayed. Looks like a Kinect game – D4.

Quantum Break

1:16 pm: Quantum Break is out next. The game that impacts the television experience as well your in-game experience. Now we’re being shown an actual scene from the game.

1:14 pm: Time to showcase some indy games. First up is the ever addictive Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

Forza 5

1:10 pm: The game’s AI races just like your average human playing online. The latest trailer is showing off all gameplay footage.

Forza 5

1:08 pm: Forza 5 is out to signal the start of a new era in racing games.

1:05 pm: Sunset Overdrive now being shown.

1:02 pm: OMG! KILLER INSTINCT! I’m sold.

1 pm: Graphics look awesome, but the QTE-heavy gameplay might wear thin after a while.

12:55 pm: Ryse now being shown A Kinect game for hardcore gamers who know a thing or two about those God of War games.

12:52 PM: Dark Souls 2 looks as bloody and difficult as ever.

12:50 pm: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood debut.

World of Tanks 360

12:46 pm: World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.

New Xbox 360

12:44 pm: New Xbox 360 being shown, looks similiar to the Xbox One. Available starting today. Two free games per month for Xbox Live Gold Members.


12:36 pm: MGS5 gameplay being shown.

12:34 pm: Well guys, we know the Xbox One is launching in November 2013.

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