Candy Crush Game Cheats: Top 10 Tips & Guides You Need to Know

Candy Crush Saga

We’re sure most of you diehard Candy Crush Saga players out there have played it to death by now. We’re going to have to count ourselves as a part of that ever-growing cult of casual/hardcore gamers. We already helped most of you guys out with 10 tips and cheats that will get everyone farther than most clueless players.

After several more weeks of nabbing high scores and getting past some of the more intricate puzzles in the game, we came up with even more tips and cheats for Candy Crush Saga.

Here’s 10 more helpful tips that will get you closer to the top of the leaderboards (time to make your friends jealous). Plus we’re giving you some video solutions to levels 40, 44, 45, 46, 50, 56, 70, 89, 97 and 135.


Candy Crush Saga

Here’s a common sense tip – make sure you keep an eye on those dreaded time bombs. It’s in your best interest to immediately get them off the board. Your first couple of moves should primarily be about ridding the stage of those bombs. Don’t let a time bomb be the reason why all your good moves go to waste. Time bombs = the end of a hard-worked game.

2. Don’t Waste Any of Your Turns

Candy Crush Saga

After the rush you get for clearing out a bunch of candies, it’s easy to get distracted from clearing the board with way more turns remaining. Keep your eyes on the prize by following this jelly-themed tip – don’t waste any of your turns by matching candies on the top right portion of the stage. This rule should play a part in getting rid of any remaining pieces of annoying jelly.

3. It Turns Out There’s A Tougher Level Than 342…

Remember when we mentioned how difficult level 342 is? It turns out we were slightly mistaken. Level 409 is even more challenging that we thought it would be. We scoured YouTube for a solution and, as luck would have it, we came across the video solution above. Check it out and soon you’ll be on to level 410 (which is probably a lot harder).

Oh and for those of you out there who aren’t even in the 100’s yet and are still having difficulty with level 45, check out the video solution below:

4. Chocolate Squares Must Be Cleared Just As Fast As Any Other Obstacles

Candy Crush Saga made sure to give Candy Crush Saga players a helpful tip on clearing chocolate squares:

Chocolate squares will regenerate if you do not clear them and they can be a stumbling block if they are allowed to multiply and grow. If you are able to clear the board of all chocolate squares, they will not reappear anymore, allowing you to plan your moves in peace. However, in certain levels as you advance further, chocolate squares will regenerate no matter what, hence you still need to clear them promptly to fill your boards with as many candies as possible – more candies means more permutations to swap your candies.

5. Everything You Need to Know About Passing Timed Levels gave a thorough overview on how to make it pass those timed puzzle scenarios:

The trick to passing timed levels is getting as many +5 candies as possible to add more time to clock. Understanding why the +5 candies drop really helps as they do not just drop randomly. The +5’s drop every time you make a move which causes a cascade of 4 or more combos. Then make sure you crush that +5 to add it to your timer. You increase your chances of creating a cascade by crushing candies at the bottom of the board as there are more candies above you to make a second, third and then fourth set. Try this on level 252 and you can play until you get bored of the level, I stopped when I hit 1,000,000 points and still had the full 30 seconds on the clock.

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6. Note the Importance of Pink Bows

Candy Crush Saga

For anyone who plays the Facebook version to death, here’s a tip that applies to your playtime – levels with pink bows on them means your FB buddies gifted you an extra 3 moves. As soon as you spot that +3 icon on the game’s starting screen, make sure you click on them to activate them. As for mobile gamers, just hop on the level with the pink bow and those +3 moves will be added automatically. Social media, thank you all.

7. Those Jelly Candies for The Jelly Levels Don’t Move

Candy Crush Saga

For those levels that focus on jelly candies, know this – jelly blocks can’t be moved. For these levels, you’ll need to really tighten up your thinking cap since you have to move around those other candies on the board. Making sure your stage is cleared of those jelly obstacles means you’ll have to place your candies in strategically sensible areas.

8. Fish Candies Clear Out Jellies, So Save Them for Your Final Moves

Candy Crush Saga

Those fish candies play a major part in all of your puzzle solving festivities. If you’re looking to maximize your final turns, do this – save your fish candies so that you can eliminate any left over, hard-to-reach jellies. As for the jellies that take refuge under those annoying frosting blocks, the fish candies will get rid of the jellies. This makes your progress on a stage more fulfilling and easier since you don’t have to clear those frosting blocks if you follow the aforementioned method.

9. Wanna Get Past Level 425? Here’s How

We just happened to get stuck in the puzzles that lie around number 400 and onward. For those of you who got stuck on level 425, the video above should give you a hint at what to do. As for those of you who are already up to level 440, hit up the following link.

10. Make Sure You Take Advantage of All These Candy Combinations

Candy Crush Saga posted up most of the special candy combinations that will get you closer to the finish line on most of the tougher stages on the game. Save your turns (and your e-wallet dough) by paying attention to these “sweet” combos:

– Coconut Wheel + Coconut Wheel = Creates a row or column of Mint Stripes, detonates them, then repeats
– Coconut Wheel + Color Bomb = Creates a row or column of Mint Stripes and detonates them
– Coconut Wheel + Mint Stripe = Converts a row or column of candies into Mint Stripes
– Coconut Wheel + Wrapper Bomb = Creates a row or column of Wrapper Bombs
– Color Bomb + Color Bomb = Removes every candy from the board
– Color Bomb + Mint Stripe = All candies of that color are converted to Mint Stripes, then detonated
– Color Bomb + Wrapper Bomb = Color Bomb detonates, then detonates a random color again

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If any of you hardcore Candy Crush Saga fans out there have some more tips to give fellow players, feel free to drop them in the comments section!




I am on level 76. I bring the fruit to the bottom then I don’t get any fruit points. How do you get your 3 cherries when they are never added?

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