Candy Crush Saga: Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

Candy Crush Saga cheats

We know the difficulty for this mobile puzzler tends to spike up quicker than expected. Some (well, most actually) of the puzzle scenarios for this game test your patience and eye for winning combo scenarios. It’s hard enough trying to clear out as many chocolate pieces as possible while you’re sitting in an uncomfortable position on public transportation.

Allow us to make your Candy Crush Saga experience a little bit smoother. We’re going to offer you 10 essential tips on how to excel at this super “sweet” mobile puzzler. Wanna know how to make the most out of those power candies for huge combos? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Tip 1. Know When to Quit and Keep Your Wallets Full, But Cop A Lollipop Hammer If Duty Calls
Tip 2. Save Up Your Power Candies For Super Combos
Tip 3. Use Two Color Bombs Together
Tip 4. Pay Attention to The Tips The Game Gives You, But Don’t Abuse Them
Tip 5. Get Licorice and Locked Candies Out of the Way ASAP
Tip 6. Pay Attention to Those Striped Candies and Those Wrapped Candies
Tip 7. Vertical Moves Will Knock Out Those Nuts and Fruits
Tip 8. Move From Your Mobile Device, Play It On Your Computer and Save Lives
Tip 9. Make Sure You Get All Three Stars
Tip 10. Here’s What You Need to Do To Get Past Level 342

Once you’re done reading those tips, watch video tips and solutions below for how to complete some of the hardest levels – 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 33, 35, 65, 76 and 82.


1. Know When to Quit and Keep Your Wallets Full, But Cop A Lollipop Hammer If Duty Calls

Candy Crush Saga tip 1

Candy Crush Saga may be a free game in the sense of you not having to pay to download it, but you still have a throw in a few bucks for power up’s or add-on’s. Those power candies add +5 moves that could get you past some of the hardest levels in the game will make you reach into your digital wallet and drop a few bucks on them…if you’re impatient.

Sometimes the use of these paid power up’s don’t guarantee that you’ll be finishing a level. Save yourself and play the game at a slow pace if you’re willing to progress at a stable rate. You might not complete each level at the pace you’re looking to do it at, but remain strong and save that tough stage for another day.

But if you’re like some other folks out there who don’t want to wait to complete those super tough levels, go ahead and purchase a Lollipop Hammer or two. Go ahead and save them up for those puzzle scenarios that you’ll actually need them for though, not for quick fixes for those puzzles you’re playing at the moment.

2. Save Up Your Power Candies For Super Combos

Candy Crush Saga tip 2

When you get a power candy in your possession, don’t use them right away. Using rainbow sprinkles, pink crusted doughnuts, jelly fishes, striped candies and wrapped candies in conjunction with each other will get you some cool stage clearing abilities. For instance, getting two rainbow sprinkles together will result in big blasts that clear a large amount of sweets on your board. Mix and match those power candies and soon you’ll become familiar with the effects that work the best.

3. Use Two Color Bombs Together

Candy Crush Saga

The massive joy that’s derived from combining two color bombs together is unparalleled. Candy Crush Saga players know that these combinations will take everything off your puzzle board and nab you an amazing amount of points. Aim for this explosive combo as much as you can.

4. Pay Attention to The Tips The Game Gives You, But Don’t Abuse Them

Candy Crush attention tip

If you’re on a tough stage, you’ll no doubt be stuck staring at your screen for a few minutes (or hours). The game will no doubt recognize that you’re being inactive, which means it will help you by flashing potential matching candy pieces in your face. These moves may prove beneficial at times, but don’t get too comfortable with these freebie moves. Be warned, though – these candy matches are randomly generated, not strategically proficient. Use these flashing tips to help you map out your own path and you’ll have more luck at completing any stage.

5. Get Licorice and Locked Candies Out of the Way ASAP

Candy Crush candy tip

Make sure you keep a eye on those stages that throw a few pieces of licorice and locked candies in your way. The best way to clear these troubling sweets is to utilize those striped candy combos. Clearing these pieces of candy should be your main mission on certain stages; clearing them out will allow more candies to come raining down your spaces. Give yourself some more space to breathe and plan your stage clearing moves by getting those locked candies and licorice out of the way. Locked candies stay put until you match them in a combo. Make sure you clear those ASAP!

6. Pay Attention to Those Striped Candies and Those Wrapped Candies

Candy Crush Saga cheat 6

Striped candies have beneficial multi-uses. They can clear out a row or column of all the sweets taking up space on your stage. Horizontal striped candies blast off to the left/right, while vertical striped candies clear out anything above/below them. Swiping these striped candies in a horizontal/vertical direction also throws on a few striped pieces of candy. For those stages that task you with knocking out the jelly from hard-to-reach tiles, striped candies are your best bet. Place those candies near those tough tiles and clear them without a care.

As for wrapped candies, listed some important tips on create them. Hit the following link to read up on their tricks of the trade.

7. Vertical Moves Will Knock Out Those Nuts and Fruits

Candy Crush Saga

Some of the most difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga task players with lowering a few ingredients, most notably nuts and fruits. Plan your moves around getting these nuts and fruits in a vertical position so you’ll get as many vertical drops as you can. Maximize your point output for these stages, clear up some space for those nuts and fruits and you’ll vertically clear out these ingredients as fast as possible.

8. Move From Your Mobile Device, Play It On Your Computer and Save Lives

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga operates on a system that utilizes the use of lives. Once you run out of them, you’ll forced to buy more or spam your friends with social media messages asking for more. Here’s a slight cheat – once you run out of lives on your mobile device, go ahead and switch on over to the Facebook version. You’ll get a collection of new lives, so you’ll start anew and keep on playing.

9. Make Sure You Get All Three Stars

Candy Crush Saga

Some Candy Crush Saga players will get by with two-stars, while some players are extreme completionists who can’t help but get the full three-star rating. In order to get that epic score moment, you’ll have to pay attention to that star meter on the left side of any puzzle. Hit that green point limit and the all essential three-star limit will be reached. Aim for the three stars as much as you can because your final score reflects it.

10. Here’s What You Need to Do To Get Past Level 342

Candy Crush Saga Level 342Candy Crush Saga Level 342 – played by Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough Playlist: Facebook-Link:

Level 342 is the hardest level in the game (so far…). The video above gives you some visual representation of what you’ll need to do to get past it. Check out these written tips below from on the stage if you’re looking to read up on level 342:

– The jellies hidden under the icing cupcakes are random for each game of level 342 and there is no way to tell which of them is hiding a jelly.
– That’s why a strategy to leave the jelly fishes until the end is required, because that is the only way to clear the hidden jellies. Using them too early would waste them on clearing the easier to reach jellies hidden under the top layers of cupcakes.
– You will not be able to crack all of the cupcakes within the normal moves allocated, so do not bother.
– Concentrate on clearing the top first line of cupcakes, it will make your task much easier. But don’t neglect the visible jellies on board too, especially the top row.
– Using mega combos like matching strip with wrapped candies would also help in destroying the harder to reach cupcakes. A fish matched with a rainbow sprinkles would also help because it will mutate into many fishes and help clear a lot of tiles.
– If you are able to leave the fishes untouched until you have cleared the top line of cupcakes, you should be able to clear this stage. Avoid matching the fishes too early if you can help it, if you really must match the fishes, match it with a stripped candy or wrapped candy for more mileage.

If any of you hardcore Candy Crush Saga fans out there have some more tips to give fellow players, feel free to drop them in the comments section!

How to Beat Level 23

Candy Crush Saga Level 23Candy Crush Saga Level 23 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here’s some tips directly from us (we totally can’t put the game down either…):

– Make sure to clear the frosting blocks so you can make more spaces for more potential candy combos.
– Try to initiate some vertical matches after clearing frosting blocks; make sure they’re as low on the board as possible.
– Pay attention to those horizontal candies.
– Knock out those rows between the jellies and frosting with some matches and combos.

How to Beat Level 27

Candy Crush Saga Level 27Candy Crush Saga Level 27 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here are some tips courtesy of Candy Crush Level Tips Blogspot:

– Look for power combos near the bottom of the screen to score as many points as possible in one move.
– This helps with cascading matches above, hopefully generating special candies to use in subsequent moves. Cascading matches build points too. This also helps to save time. Scanning the entire screen is slower than scanning a portion of it.

How to Beat Level 28

Candy Crush Saga Level 28Candy Crush Saga Level 28 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here are some tips courtesy of Candy Crush Level Tips Blogspot:

– Clear the frosting in the middle first if you can. This will open up more potential matches across the board.
– Look for vertical stripes and power combos to blow away the frosting and jellies at the same time.
– Work close to the frosting and jellies.
– Focusing on one side of the screen enables you to maximize the potential matches on each side of the screen.
– Focus on matches at the bottom of the screen unless you have no other options.

How to Beat Level 29

Candy Crush Saga Level 29Candy Crush Saga Level 29 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here some tips from Gamewise:

– Destroy the 18 frozen jelly blocks. There’s a group of 9 at the bottom on each side and you need to match candy next to the frozen blocks to unfreeze them. You need to destroy as many of these as you can in your first few moves to have a chance of finishing the level.
– Work on the jelly blocks at the bottom. Once most of the frozen ones have been un-frozen you need to work through and destroy as many as possible.
– Don’t worry too much about the jelly at the top, most of them will naturally be destroyed due to the cascade effect as you work on the jelly at the bottom of the board.
– Make as much use of striped, wrapped and other special candy as possible.

How to Beat Level 30

Candy Crush Saga Level 30Candy Crush Saga Level 30 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here some tips courtesy of Gamewise:

– Take out as much of the cream at the bottom of the screen before you try to bring the ingredients down.
– The next ingredient will only enter the screen the match after the previous ingredient is cleared.
– Make the match after you clear an ingredient count.
– Vertical stripes work great to clear a column and drop an ingredient. Power combos really help too!

How to Beat Level 33

Candy Crush Saga Level 33Candy Crush Saga Level 33 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here are some tips courtesy of Without The Sarcasm:

– The goal here is to clear all 16 of the jelly squares. Each jelly square takes two matches on top of it to clear. Since they’re arranged in 2 by 2 squares, this means you can match on top of at most 2 squares with a standard 3-in-a-row match.
– Do the math with me now – you have to match four times per quadrant and there are four quadrants. That means that assuming you could match 3 on every move and clear 2 squares of jelly, you’d need 16 moves. Take a close look at the move counter – you’ve got 14. That’s two less than you’d need even in the optimistic case where you can always match 3 on top of jelly with each move, so chances are you’re going to need more like 20-25 moves to win.
– To add insult to injury, the quadrants are divided in such a way that you can’t get a 5-in-a-row match ever, and a “wrapped candy” match is going to be extremely rare. So, you’re stuck with match 3 and striped candy moves.
– What you want is at least one 4-of-a-kind match on top of the jelly in one of the two lower quadrants.
– If you can start with a 4-of-a-kind match, use that striped candy to clear out an entire row or column of jelly squares.

How to Beat Level 35

Candy Crush Saga Level 35Candy Crush Saga Level 35 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here are some tips courtesy of Gamewise:

– The corners are the toughest to clear, so focus your efforts on them first if you can. Bottom corners first too. Take any opportunity that you can to pick the corners off though. Striped candies and combos are best for the corners.
– Look at all uncleared corners before every move, to make sure that you don’t have an opportunity to pick off a corner jelly.
– As usual, you should work on the bottom of the screen to force as many cascading matches as you can.

How to Beat Level 65

Candy Crush Saga Level 65Candy Crush Saga Level 65 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here are some tips courtesy of Candy Saga Crush:

– Eat chocolates asap – Chocolates will fill up and swallow your candy every turn if you don’t hit them, so try to clear as soon as possible.
– Make Combo-nation – That’s right, the more the combos, the higher chance of clearing more jellies and a step closer to victory.
– Candy bomb-ardment – When you have a candy bomb, try to keep and look to combine with a striped candy. You really need this power combo.
– Aim low and look out – When you start low, you may get auto matches from the top. Do take note of the caged candies, and clear them if when possible.

How to Beat Level 76

Candy Crush Saga Level 76Candy Crush Saga Level 76 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here are some tips courtesy of Candy Saga Crush:

– Always start and work on top left square block if possible – This way you have a higher chance of dropping the ingredients further and combos.
– Attack the top left square as much as possible – That’s right, use stripe candies to clear upwards from bottom left of clear the top left blocks if from the right.
– Remember that ingredients exit out from top left – Focus and emphasis should always be on the top left block and making moves of the other block is to create moves of the top left.

How to Beat Level 82

Candy Crush Saga Level 82Candy Crush Saga Level 82 – gespielt von Link zum Spiel:

And here are some tips courtesy of Crushing Candies:

– 35 moves to clear out the spinner blocks and get the ingredients down to the bottom is a tall task.
– Vertical striped candies will help you out the most here.
– The trick here is the transporters at the bottom bring anything not crushed in the column right back to the top, so do your best to destroy the spinners and not just move them down and don’t worry about powerups going back to the top, it is advantageous.

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