Jim Sterling Starts a Formspring: Top 10 Responses

jim sterling formspring

A controversial but hilarious gaming personality, Jim Sterling is one of the prominent games journalist (or somewhere in between a journalist and witty professional Internet troll), and is the reviews editor of Destructoid and hosts the Jimquisiton show on Escapist. Today, Sterling decided to take his ridiculous antics to Formspring, where he answered questions on gaming, life, who should play him in a movie adaptation, and the American way.

Here are the top ten most hilarious responses from media personality Jim Sterling.

1. What’s the best way for a small developer to get in touch with you? How do you choose what games to cover?

Emailing me is a crapshoot, but it’s honestly got the best chances. I choose games based simply on whether they can hold my attention for more than a second. Y’know, I like horror games, I like brawlers, I like RPGs, and anything that looks like a good one of ’em has a decent chance of attracting me.

It’s just a shame that it IS difficult to get anybody’s attention, mine included, because there is literally an avalanche of games that hit the media a day. As such, I don’t even usually discover a game until somewhere else like Rock, Paper, Shotgun picks it up first.

2. Jim, you need to pet your cat during the opening of next weeks Jimquisition. You will be the perfect evil overlord. Will you do it?

No. You can’t keep that thing still for a second.

3. There has been a lack of your fist dildo on jimquisition lately. Should we understand that it has got a new job?

Ha, it was gonna be on this week’s, but I couldn’t find my copy of Colonial Marines to go with it. I may have gotten rid of it already. The “Bitch Fist” is, however, safe and sound.

4. Are Americans really all that different from the British? We’re always told “they don’t get self deprecating humour” and they don’t do ‘dark’ comedy, having never been due to poorness, I wonder if it’s just another Great British stereotype or if by and large we really are fundamentally different.

There are obvious cultural differences, but having lived on both sides of the pond, I don’t think y’all are very different at a foundation level. Certainly, the sweeping stereotypes aren’t exactly true, or at least are outdated by about a hundred years.

5. If you could make a biopic about yourself, who would you cast as ‘ the almighty Jim Sterling’?

Dolph Lundgren and The Rock, each taking turns.

jim sterling formspring

6. Any thoughts on China lifting the ban on consoles?

What’s to say? It was fucking rubbish they were banned, it’s less fucking rubbish they were unbanned, and it’s still fucking rubbish they had to be unbanned.

7. How do you feel about the sudden replacement of Voice actors in beloved roles for some shady/bullshit reason? I.E. David Hayter being replaced as Snake; Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher; Stephen Russell as Garrett.

think it’s sad that a lot of great voice talent — often far better for animated roles than “real” actors — are overlooked by Hollywood talent in general. It’s happened for years, and it’s shitty.

Still, I sense some sort of fuckery with the whole MGS5 one. Because Kojima.

8. Have you ever made a piece on reviewers paid by publishers to give games 10/10s?

I’m actually contributing to an article on that in the near future.

9. As a known figure, you have a lot of fans. Do you ever feel intimidated by complete strangers that are very reliant on your opinion? Does this feeling change based on whether it’s on the internet or in public?

It used to be terrifying, but like all things, I think one gets used to a concept after long enough. It’s very cool, and I’m grateful many people enjoy or learn from the things I have to say.

Every now and then though, I do take time to hope against hope that I’m actually right and not leading us all into damnation!

10.What are your thoughts on the future of free to play games?

I like F2P as a concept, I think games like Blacklight Retribution SHOULD be the future. Sadly, I see more companies exploiting and ruining the idea than not.

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