Marvel: War of Heroes: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Marvel War of Heroes

Marvel: War of Heroes is one of the most addictive card battling mobile games ever created (and downloaded a million times). We’ve been building our deck of superhero’s and adapting to the many mission scenarios we’ve run into. If you’re new to the game or you’re just looking to improve your stance, check out our top 10 tips and cheats. After you get a look at this tips and cheats hub, you’ll be screaming “EXCELSIOR!” in no time.

1. Take Advantage of That Referral Code!

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As soon as you download Marvel: War of Heroes, the game will give the opportunity to enter what’s known as a “Referral Code.” You’re going to want to take advantage of this immediately, as it will net you some a rare card and a bit of Silver (the in-game currency). You’ll start off on the right foot and get your first card deck right by checking out the long list of referral code pages laying out there on the internet.

2. Refill Your Energy Meter By Strengthening Your Strategy

Your energy meter depletes every time you enter a battle situation during any of the game’s many missions. If you’re impatient and just ready to get back into action, then you’ll no doubt look to spend a few bucks on refilling your energy meter. But there’s an alternative to that expensive method – every minute you don’t spend fighting, you’ll earn on extra point for your energy meter. Kill some time by editing your decks, fusing some cards together and working on your strategy before heading out for another mission. Before you know, you’ll have racked up some extra energy without resorting to paying for it.

3. Rely on One Card to Upgrade Your Overall Stats

Marvel War of Heroes Tips

When you head into battle with your favorite card, the mastery rating for that card will increase over time. As soon as that mastery rating for a card hits a particular level, your overall attack/defense stats will get a substantial boost. This tip gives you a reason to real acquainted with a card you rely on more than anything.

4. These Are The Best Ways to Get More Resources

Marvel War of Heroes Tips

Rare resource items are definitely hard to come by. The more missions you participate in, the better chances you have of getting a resource item in your possession. These resource items form a single portion of a sole item and, upon completing each section of an item, you’ll end up with a special new card. You want those special cards? Then hop on a bunch of missions and battle other players after you let it be known that you’re looking to procure a new resource.

5. Get Familiar With Fusing

After collecting so many cards, you’ll soon end up with some duplicates. Hit up the Fusion tab, pick a base card and a fuser card and make room in your deck for newer cards. You’ll need some silver to get these fusion transactions done, but it’s well worth the investment. After completing a fusion, some of the stats of the duplicate card will then transfer over to the original card in your deck. If you’re looking for an extra bonus from your fusion practices, take heed of this tip from Pocket Gamer:

If you’d like a bonus, fully boost both the cards being used for Fusion. This will result in 10 per cent (rather than the usual 5 per cent) of the fused card’s stats being transferred to the Base Card. It’s probably not worth doing for really low-rank cards, but it definitely is for the more uncommon ones, as they’re inherently more powerful.

The “mwohdrdoom” blogspot site offered these extra tips on fusing:

1 and only rule to “fuse” by:

Never, Ever, at Anytime, for any Reason, Fuse 2 native SSR or UR cards without knowing the 3 rules below…..

1 – Not max’ing out the Level cap and Mastery, of both cards, can result in a 2k or more stat loss in Atk & Def. This gives your opponent with the same cards, let’s say for simpleton’s sake, when battling, an instant advantage. Bad.

2 – Native/base SSR & UR cards are actually pretty dang rare to pull from packs, trust me I know. So, improper fusions, when I see them, make me actually mad. Waste of $$$$, that’s not cool yo.

3 – For future use, you will easily be able to trade finished (leveled and mastered) UR + and Legendary cards to redesign your roster/decks vs. an improper fusion, the elite/good players know the difference and won’t even bother.

6. Build Up Offensive and Defensive Decks

Marvel War of Heroes Tips

You’re gonna have to take advantage of two different play styles (offensive/defensive) if you’re looking to complete those tougher missions. The game offers some strong deck building tips if you’re able to find them. You’re gonna want to hit the “Menu” tab, then the “Deck Edit” tab. As soon as you get into this menu, take a peek at the recommended strategies and selecting that “Copy Deck” tab.

7. Take Advantage of Those Friends of Yours

The fastest way to victory in Marvel: War of Heroes is by taking advantage of all you buddies who are also playing the game. Send out some requests for your friends so you’ll have a better chance of getting some rarer cards. Those rare cards will get you of those tougher situations that seemingly pop up around Operation 5. When it comes to rallying, do it as much as possible. Back up your buddies and you’ll obtain more “Rally Points,” which are obtainable every two hours if you rally the same player.

8. The Best Way to Boost

Pocket Gamer offered a helpful walkthrough for the game’s “boosting” mechanic:

You can use feeder cards to “boost” the primary card you take into missions. Boost is one of the core components of the deck used when in battle with players from around the world.

Tap the “Boost” tab to open the menu to do this – you’re then presented with your Base Card. If you’d like to change this, just tap “Change Base Card” for Boost. Scroll down and you’ll see that you’re looking at the recommended list of cards available to boost.

This automatically populates a list of potential candidates. (Deselect all those you’d like to keep, though, by tapping the ‘Select’ checkbox next to them.) Hit ‘Boost’ at the bottom of the screen, and then confirm the boost. After the animation, you’ll be notified that the Card XP has gone up, whether its level has increased, and that its ATK (attack) and DEF (defense) have risen.

So, why would you want to boost? Well, it’s useful to increase the numbers of your cards for missions and battles. Essentially, the higher the numbers you have, the more likely you are to win, as the in-battle tactics aren’t exactly what you would call “intricate.”

9. Pay Attention to Combo Abilities

Marvel War of Heroes Tips

When you put together a certain combination of cards, you’ll gain access to special abilities that boost you stats. Check out the listed combos below (courtesy of the Marvel: War of Heroes Guide blogspot):

Five Card Combos
-5 Heroes on Defense – Marvel Hero Team – Def Boost to Your Deck
-5 Villains on Offense – Dark Powers – Def Hit to Opponents Deck
-5 Male Heroes – Fury Blast – Atk Boost to Your Deck
-5 Female Heroes – Alluring Heroes – Def Hit to Opponents Villains
-5 Male Villains – Wild Villains – Atk Boost to Your Deck

Four Card Combos
-Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing – Fantastic 4 – Atk Hit to Opponents Deck
-Human Torch, Ghostrider, Thor, Storm – Ignition Spark – Atk Boost to those four

Three Card Combos
-Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Fist – Combat Masters – Atk Boost to Tactics
-Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Human Torch – Bikers Organization – Atk Boost to those three cards
-The Thing, Hulk, She-Hulk – Unlimited Power – Atk Boost to Bruiser
-Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Dr. Strange – The Great Brains – Atk Boost to Your Deck
-Captain America, Iron Man, Thor – The Big Three – Atk Boost to those three cards
-Silver Surfer, Nova, Human Torch – Shooting Star – Atk Boost to Speed
-Ultron, Iron Monger, Sentinel – Modern Weapons – Def Hit to Opponents Heroes
-Mystique, Enchantress, Medusa – Coven Banquet – Def Hit to Opponents Deck
-Spider-Man, Blade, Ghost Rider – Ogre, Devil, and Spider – Atk Boost to All
Two Card Combos
-Wolverine, Captain America – Super Soldier – Atk Boost to those two cards
-Wolverine, Daredevil – Brotherhood – Atk Boost to those two cards
-Wolverine, Punisher – Atk Boost to those two cards
-Wolverine, Mystique – Merciless Heroes – Atk Boost on those two cards
-Iron Man, War Machine – Drive Reactors – Atk Boost on those two cards

10. Make Sure You Know What You’re Working With By Checking Out The Entire Cards List

Marvel War of Heroes

If you’re an obsessive player, then make sure you go here and check out EVERY card that’s present in the game.

If any of you hardcore Marvel: War of Heroes fans out there have some more tips to give fellow players, feel free to drop them in the comments section!

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