San Diego Comic Con 2013: Top 10 Video Games We’re Looking Forward To Playing

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Now that San Diego Comic Con has quieted down and all the announcements have been made, it’s now about time to take a look at what peaks our interest as gamers, movie watchers and general enjoyers of media. Here’s the top ten video game announcements we took away from this San Diego Comic Con, and what releases we’re looking forward to in the months to come.

1. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel’s video game presence was strong this year at San Diego Comic Con, but the strongest of the list of new upcoming games they have planned is Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Featuring over 150 playable Marvel characters, ranging from Abomination to Wolverine, the game will be similar to other LEGO franchise titles. The creators have also done a great fan service and incorporated comic book icon Stan Lee into the mix, so it seems like if nothing else, this game will be filled with fun-fulfilling content.

2. Soul Calibur II HD

SSoul Calibur II was very clearly the pinnacle of the Soul Calibur franchise, and publisher Namco-Bandai has done well in recognizing that. Rather then do something unintelligent like trying to push Soul Calibur 6 after the failure of its predecessor, the publisher is going back to what made the franchise great, and introucing a new generation of gamers to an HD version of one of the most celebrated fighting games to date.

3.Dead Rising 3

While Dead Rising 3 was initially announced at E3 2013, a hands on preview with the title proved that the game can more than match up for then next generation. The dark and gritty visuals heavily contrast with the fun and zany playstyle that is such a staple of the Dead Rising franchise.

4. Strider

A classic cyber ninja from Capcom’s colorful cast of character, Strider is receiving the solo game treatment with gameplay that seems to be reminiscent of Castlevania and Metroid. Still, it’s great to see the fan-favorite character back in action, and this is one announcement that no gamer saw coming.

5. Firefly Online

Fans have wanted a continuation of the Joss Whedom helmed show for some time, and now they’re getting it in the form of an MMO. Firefly Online looks to follow the vein of The Matrix Online (although hopefully it won’t meet the same fate), continuing the story of the franchise in the form of an organic video game. Fans of the show should look out for this one in 2014 when it drops for iOS and Android.

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6. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game

With TMNT coming on the up and up, a new game based around the Nickelodeon cartoon makes a whole lot of sense. A downloadable title published by Activision, the game drops on August 28th, and features a realistic 3D art style and a four-player co-op with combo-driven gameplay.

7. Bayonetta 2

Developed by Platinum Games, Nintendo kept this violent Wii U exclusive as bloody and outlandish as its predecessor. Of course, it’s easy to see that Bayonetta has adopted a new hairstyle, but it’s also easy to recognize that the deep and innovative combat system is still well intact.

8. X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Based off the All New X-Men comic series from Marvel Comics’ Brian Michael Bendis, this 2D trading card fighter will tie into the upcoming Children of the Atom storyline, which will involve the future X-Men travelling to present time in order to force the All-New X-Men to return to the past. The storyline debuts in April, and the trading card game will be similar to other Marvel iOS and Android titles of the same nature.

9. Batman: Arkham Origins

The Copperhead reveal was one of the bigger surprises of san Diego Comic Con, as he is quite an obscure villain from the Batman mythos. Still, he seems to make a solid addition to the Batman: Arkham franchise, and we expect great things to come from this prequel.

10. The Wonderful 101

Also developed by Platinum Games, this original IP has the wackiness and over-the-top action you would expect from a Platinum title. The first time you transform your team into a massive sword is the first time your mind will be blown, which is not a bad thing given the circumstances. Don’t ignore the game just because of it’s cartoonish style, as it has plenty of fun and mature content to go around.

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