Ultra Street Fighter 4: Top 10 Characters We Really Wanted in the Game

Ultra SF4

So Capcom took the time to alert its fighting game fans about a new development – an updated version of its Street Fighter 4 series is landing sometime in early 2014.

One of the biggest developments pertaining to this upcoming update is the new characters. So we’re getting Hugo, Poison, Elena (cool by us!) and Rolento. Plus, a secret new fighter who’s never appeared in a SF game. While that’s cool and all, we can’t help but feel that these “new” characters are simply copy-and-paste versions from Street Fighter X Tekken.

Want more evidence of that statement? All the new stages for Ultra Street Fighter 4 are all holdovers from Street Fighter X Tekken. Capcom, hear us out. While these 5 new characters may please some of your fans, it doesn’t exactly please us. These are the 10 SF characters we’d much rather play with in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Hey, they might make some cool editions for the fifth game!

Sure, some of these guys won’t make it in? BUT WE CAN STILL DREAM, CAN’T WE?

10. Ingrid (Capcom Fighting Jam)

Ingrid Capcom

This mysterious, magical lady actually wields some of that awesome Psycho Power. Her character design definitely adopts some elements of Rose’s design, but we’re sure she’d be even more fun to play as. Ingrid’s play style in the vein of Street Fighter 4 would be an interesting possibility. Hey, she’s a time traveler! Which means she could fit into this game’s storyline somehow.

9. Sodom (Final Fight)

Sodom SF

It’s kinda funny how Ultra Super Street Fighter 4 has turned into Street Fighter vs. Final Fight. Guy and Cody are in, plus Poison, Hugo and Rolento are joining the party. Where’s the love for Sodom, though? He’s a huge brute who’s part rush down, part grappler and all badass. Those jutte/katana blades of his could do some real damage, don’t ya think?

8. Eagle (Street Fighter)

Eagle SF

We’re going all the way back to the first Street Fighter for this entry. Bouncers scare us half to death, but Eagle makes us tinkle a little bit more every time we see him. He made a resurgence in Capcom vs. SNK 2, but he’s been MIA for a while afterwards. The twin kali sticks and his heavy stature are two elements we really wanted the most in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

7. Maki (Final Fight 2)

Maki Capcom

ANOTHER FINAL FIGHT CHARACTER? Hey, why not? Maki’s another franchise character who made a solid appearance in Capcom’s fighting games. Maki’s ninja stance (Bushinryu Ninjutsu) would compliment Guy and Ibuki’s fighting styles quite well. All her wall bouncing, spin kicks and gauntlet beatdowns would make for a fine showing on a 2.5D plane.

6. Urien (Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact)

Urien SF

His appearance makes us a little…uneasy. But we can’t fault the man for fighting in nothing but a diaper. When you wield such awesome power, you can dress up however you please! Dude is a beast! His Tyrant Punish and Aegis Reflector are two moves we’ve been wanting to use/see in the Street Fighter games for a while now. The expert play for this guy would provide some insane EVO moments.

5. Charlie (Street Fighter Alpha)

Charlie SF

Guile’s brother from another mother has been a constant fan request for a while now. Charlie just looks extremely cool as hell, but we think Capcom would be able to balance this dude so he’s faster than his buddy. There’d be Sonic Boom’s and Somersault Kicks for sure. For Charlie though, he’d have to come with a few new moves to help differentiate him from Guile.

4. R. Mika (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

R Mika SF

RAINBOW! We got Zangief, El Fuerte, E. Honda and Hakan wrestling everyone into oblivion. We grew to appreciate the grappling skills of Street Fighter Alpha 3’s lady wrestler. R. Mika. Her movements could translate pretty well for this new update, plus her Ultra could include that ring intro of her’s, too.

3. Q (Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike)

Q Street Fighter

Who (or what) the hell is Q? To us, he’s got to be a really tall dude that’s commissioned by M. Bison to track all of his enemies. His fighting style is just straightforward and brutal. Clothesline’s, pimp slaps, dropkicks and everything else in his repertoire all equal a character than would make for a cool fit in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

2. Karin (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

Karin SF

Sakura’s self proclaimed rival is one of Street Fighter’s most underrated characters, in our opinion. Karin doesn’t need to rely on ki projectiles. She’s just all speed ahead, since her melee-based Kanzuki-ryuu martial arts style operates a bit differently. Man, her mix-up game could be something fierce if Capcom ever brought her over to these new SF games.

1. Alex (Street Fighter 3)

Alex SF

Why oh why hasn’t Alex got the nod for Ultra Street Fighter 4? We were hoping that secret fighter would be him…until we learned that the secret character would be someone who’s never been in a SF game. We’ve been wanting to hand out some Hyper Bomb’s to all those other grapplers for a long time now. Alex not only looks super cool, but his chops and big boots make him worthy of play.

Honorable Mentions

Haggar (Final Fight)

Haggar Final Fight

Skullomania (Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha)

Skullomania SF

Sean (Street Fighter 3)

Sean SF

Geki (Street Fighter)

Geki SF

Retsu (Street Fighter)

Retsu SF

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