Ultra Street Fighter 4: Top 5 Stages We Really Wanted in the Game

Ultra SF4

Alright, we swear this is the last wishlist regarding Ultra Street Fighter 4.

One of the other major additions for Capcom’s 2014 update are the five new stages. And when we say “New,” we don’t mean brand spanking new. We mean “New” for this particular game, since the additional five stages are all being transferred over from Street Fighter X Tekken. Street Fighter has been around for years and we’ve seen several awesome stages throughout the series’ long tenure.

There are five stages we would’ve rather seen as one of the stages in Ultra Street Fighter 4. These are the ones that should have gotten the nod.

5. Rolento’s Stage (Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Ultra SF4

Rolento’s moving freight elevator is the bomb, son (literally). Street Fighter X Tekken included a stage that featured some wonderful background graffiti art. The beautiful Statue of Liberty wall decal would look even better with Ultra Street Fighter 4’s 2.5D sheen.

4. E. Honda’s Stage (Street Fighter 2)

Ultra SF4

The washroom was a weird place to throw down, but it still stands as an iconic stage for the series. This location could use a nice 2.5D rendition, which could do wonders for the background animation in the background. Give that big sumo wrestler some more love, Capcom. GIVE US THE WASHROOM!

3. Balrog’s Stage (Street Fighter 2)

Ultra SF4

Vegas! Super bright, super colorful and always full of activity. Balrog is used to the bright lights, yet he doesn’t have a home to punch fools faces in for his newfound battles. What better way to make this ugly pugilist feel whole again than to add in his signature stage from Street Fighter 2.

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2. Ryu vs. Sagat: Climactic Battle Stage (Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Ultra SF4

Ryu and Sagat’s iconic and climactic face off’s are legendary. The stage they did battle in already looked incredible on Street Fighter Alpha 2. It would look a million times better if it managed to make the transition to 2.5D. The moving grass, the thunder and the violent gusts of wind are all important elements of this stage we’d love to see make a return.

1. Cammy’s Stage (Super Street Fighter 2)

Ultra SF4

Cammy’s U.K. headquarters was so beautiful. Fighting on a bridge while an aurora borealis event can be seen in the background? Amazing. This should have been the first stage announced for Ultra Street Fighter 4. Cammy is that damn good, and so is her stage of choice. This is our number one request, bar none. Flat. Out.

Honorable Mentions

Guy’s Stage (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

Ultra SF4

Zangief’s Stage (Street Fighter Alpha 2)

Ultra SF4

M. Bison’s Stage (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

Ultra SF4

Dee Jay’s Stage (Super Street Fighter 2)

Ultra SF4

E. Honda vs Dhalsim Village Fight Stage (Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie)

Ultra SF4

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