Angry Birds Kart Racer Revealed by Rovio – Angry Birds Go!

UPDATE – Check out the latest official gameplay trailer below!

Angry Birds Go! Official Gameplay TrailerRovio Entertainment has unveiled the latest entry in the Angry Birds franchise: a kart racer called Angry Birds Go!2013-10-15T21:54:56.000Z

What IS Angry Birds Go!?So, what is Angry Birds Go!? Some say an endless runner game, others say it's a racing game. Here's Kalle from the Rovio games team to clear things up. We're almost ready to share a release date and gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Go!, so stay tuned!2013-08-27T11:37:58.000Z

Everyone who considers themselves a pretty avid follower and player of mobile video games knows how massive Angry Birds is. This series has managed to become a mainstream force that’s supported by games, plush toys, fruit snacks and plenty of other shameless products.

Rovio, the longtime developers of the games in the series, released a teaser video (which can be seen above) that points to a new franchise game entry – Angry Birds Go! Taking a page from Nintendo and their Mario Kart series, the Angry Birds will be making their way across plenty of wild roads in a kart racing game of their own.

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No official details have been released on this teased game thus far, but you can head on over the game’s official site to keep track of what’s bound to be announced! Stay tuned top this page for more details as they arrive!

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