Cut The Rope: Time Travel: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Cut The Rope Time Travel

Everyone loves Om Nom. He needs his candy, but it can sometimes prove challenging to get that sweet piece of candy over to him. Cut The Rope: Time Travel is the latest entry in the series and this time, you’re trying to help feed Om Nom’s ancestors. Now there are stages that task you with feeding more than one monster mouth.

Sounds pretty taxing, huh?

Well, we know how hard this game can get at certain points. We’re here to push you along to those three stars so you’ll get the most out of this game’s many stages. Here’s 10 tips, cheats and stage walkthroughs that are sure to help you along the way.

1. Stay Aware of the Bomb’s Effects

Cut The Rope Time Travel Tips

The Bomb is one of the latest items that make an appearance in this version of the game. It’s best to pay attention to the outline of a level when there’s a bomb involved. Bombs explode once they touch anything in a stage, plus they push any swinging objects outward instead of inward. When you spot those bombs, it’s best to figure out what object you’ll need to target ASAP.

2. Use The Freeze Button to Make Candy Dropping Easier

The Freeze button comes in handy for a variety of different situations. Whenever you use it, the game pauses and all objects that were in motion will lost all momentum. In one case, if a bubbled candy is moving right over an Om Nom’s mouth then hit the Freeze button. You can pop that balloon, take the Freeze effect off then have an easier time transporting it to the mouth of your hungry Om Nom. The Freeze feature kills momentum for various properties. Remember that.

3. Here’s The 3-Star Level Walkthroughs for Worlds 1-6

The video above provides a perfect 3-Star walkthrough for every stage for Worlds 1 through 6.

4. What’s The Deal with Those Elasticated Ropes?

Cut The Rope Time Travel Tips explained the purpose behind elasticated ropes:

You might have noticed some new elasticated ropes in Time Travel. They’re usually attached to movable switches – the further you stretch the rope, the more force it will inflict on objects when it’s sliced and comes into contact with them. Keep this in mind when you need to use force to push a certain object a certain distance – and at a certain angle too. Sometimes just a little bit of force is better than too much.

5. There’s Two Mouths to Feed Now!

Cut The Rope Time Travel Tips

Not only do you have one Om Nom to feed, there’s Om Nom’s ancestors to keep fill now. To get past those levels with two Om Nom’s, know this – you have to feed each one a candy. Keep that fact in mind as you do everything to maneuver candies to your loyal Om Noms.

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6. Know How to Utilize the Telekinesis System

The Telekinesis feature can be used to move all candy pieces on a stage. Sure, it may be cheating. But it helps get those candies past a stage’s many obstacles to your Om Nom. This power up can be accessed by clicking on the Lightning icon at the top left-hand corner of your screen. Then go ahead and press your finger on any object to start moving it anywhere.

7. The Basics Behind Superpowers made sure to offer gamers some tips on the presence of Cut The Rope: Time Travel’s superpowers:

If you ever get extremely stuck in the game, you do have the option to buy “superpowers.” You can use it to slow down time completely, and essentially touch and guide candy into stars and monsters. If you need some stars to move forward in the game, it’s not a half bad option to get to more content if you’d rather not spend the time improving your score count in the previous levels the “regular” way.

8. So What Are Those Bubbles For?

Cut The Rope Time Travel Tips also explained the presence of bubbles:

One of the mainstay mechanics in Cut the Rope: Time Travel are bubbles. Once the candy hits the bubble and are free from any rope bonds, they will simply float up and off the screen if you let it. Once floating up, the candy will go in a straight line. To stop the bubble from floating away, simply touch it to pop it, sending it dropping down below (hopefully to the intended target!)

9. What About Those Chains and Blades?

Cut The Rope Time Travel Tips’s last tip pertains to the chains and blades that pop up in several stages:

The next mechanic you’ll be introduced to in Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the blade and chain mechanic. Certain levels will have a spinning blade and the chain ropes, which can only be cut by the blade.

10. Don’t Fret When You Come Across Those Tough Puzzles

Cut The Rope Time Travel Tips offered some extra tips to players who stress out at the first sight of a complex stage:

Don’t be too intimidated at the sight of a complex puzzle. Most of the challenges of the game are made from distinct, component sections – try to get a feel for the way these components come together, and above all else, experiment. You’re only a quick reset away from getting a little closer to the answer.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Cut The Rope 2 players, throw them in the comments section!