Freak Tower: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Freak Tower iOS

Freak Tower is all about managing your tenants and their inventories as you build high into the sky (and outdo all your friends in the process). Along the way you get to fight of a horde of foul monsters and even raise an adorable little pet of your own!

This in-house strategy guide from the folks at ONE PR Studio and GungHo Online Entertainment offers the tips/tricks/cheats that will make your tower one the one to contend with!

1. Make Sure You Build Up Some Cribs and Get Lucky at the Slot Machine

Freak Tower Guide

Build apartments and play the Slot Machine to have Freaks move in. The slot machine will randomly assign a floor to the visiting Freak. If the floor is an apartment, they will move in!

2. The Plus of Getting Lucky at the Slot Machine

Freak Tower Gungho

If you get super lucky at the Slot Machine, a Real Estate Agent will pay you a visit and instantly fill a floor full of Freaks.


Freak Tower Guide

Playing the Slot Machine during Lucky Time will guarantee you a visit from a VIP (including the Real Estate Agent). When you see the red indicator on the top left of the screen, tap it and then play the Slot Machine. The more friends you have, the more Lucky Time chances you get per day. It’s time to start exchanging Tower Codes.

Freak Tower iOS Tips

Tap [Home Menu Button] > [Friends] > [Code]. From there you can tap [Enter Tower Code] and type in your buddy’s code. You can also tap the window below [Your Tower Name] to change it to something more personal!

4. Employ Your Freaks with Their Favorite Jobs

Freak Tower iOS Cheats

Tap on the apartment floor and tap on the first unemployed Freak. You can see what their favorite job is and employ them accordingly. If you have a store of the preferred type available, the menu will automatically sort itself with the best job on top. If the Freak’s favorite job is not available, it will show you the next best thing.

5. Consider These Tips for Your Freak Employees

Freak Tower Guide

If a Freak doesn’t have their favorite job available, should you hire them somewhere else or wait? Well that’s up to you! Here are some things to consider:

– Stocking discounts (and prices) are based on the combined skill totals of all employees. In other words, 3 employees with level 5 Restaurant will give a 15% discount, and 3 employees with level 9 Restaurant will give a 27% discount. The less you pay to stock, the bigger your profit margins!

Freak Tower Guide

– Employees at their favorite job tend to be in a much better mood. When an employee is in an awesome mood, they may instantly stock goods and they will do more damage while hunting.
(Note: It may be rare, but not all Freaks prefer the job at which they are most skilled.)

Freak Tower Guide

– An empty shop deals no damage during Monster Hunting, and an unemployed Freak will only listlessly throw toilet paper at invading foes.

Freak Tower Guide

– If you want to hire a Freak temporarily and then job transfer them elsewhere, you will have to wait until their current shop is done stocking before you can move them to the new shop.

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6. So When Does Monster Hunting Become Available?

Freak Tower Guide

Monster Hunting will become available after you’ve built to the seventh floor. This will unlock the most valuable goods (Freaky Goods) and can be used to supplement your income with a quick few thousand coins.

7. Some of the Basics of Monster Hunting

The double circle icon in the Monster Hunt description indicates a monster’s weakness. This “Monster Bane” floor will deal TREMENDOUS damage. Nets keep monsters at a floor for a longer period of time, and Flower Pots can knock a monster down – forcing them to re-experience a previous floor. Plan accordingly!

8. So When Does the Pet Feature Unlock?

Freak Tower Guide

Once you’ve built to the 15th floor, the pet feature is unlocked. Your pet will level up by helping shops sell or restock their goods.

9. Clean Up Your Pet’s Crap ASAP!

After your pet is done helping out, it will start making stinky little messes in its room. Make sure to clean these regularly to keep it in a good mood.

10. Upgraded Pets = RAMPAGES!

Freak Tower iOS Tips

When your pet hits level 5, it can evolve and start going on Rampages. This lets you enjoy the other side of a monster hunt! In this case, your pet’s stats show what floors they are strong against. A pet with a high level in the “Service” category will deal massive damage on Service floors. When you are out on a Rampage, pay attention to the floor you are on, but also the floor that’s coming up – just like your own tower, they may vary!

And here’s three extra tips you’ll need to know:

– Freak Tower is “playing” even when you aren’t around. Sometimes all you have to do is trust that your loyal Freaks will sell their goods and fork over the profits. If you find you are “stuck” you can either wait until all your shops are sold out of their goods or you can start spending Jewels to speed things up. The choice is yours!

Freak Tower Guide

– If a monster hunt is too difficult, you can refine your hunting strategy, build higher and try again, or spend Jewels to upgrade your hunting gear. In some cases, you may want to try all three!

Freak Tower Guide

– After you successfully Rampage a floor with your pet, take a good look at your pet’s health. If that was a close call (half HP or less), you should seriously consider heading back home with your spoils. If your pet fails to complete a Rampage, you get sent home with nothing but your tail between your legs (assuming your pet has one of those).

Freak Tower Tips

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Freak Tower players, throw them in the comments section!

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