Knightmare Tower: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Knightmare Tower

Juicy Beast’s Knightmare Tower pushes your lowly knight all the way to some trapped princess you’re tasked with rescuing. Attacking and bouncing off all the enemies that make your mission extra difficult may be frustrating at times. We know how frustrating it can be ourselves, so we’re here to throw a few noteworthy and super helpful tips on how to stay alive.

Here’s our collection of 10 tips/tricks/cheats that will keep those horned baddies and that increasingly hot lava off your knight.

1. Attack Your Enemies At First Sight

Knightmare Tower Tips

As your Knight proceeds higher and higher to the top of any tower, enemies will be there to break you down. When you see an enemy pop up, make sure you immediately put them down. If you don’t attack, your knight will start to descent lower into the lava. You can go back and attack any missed enemies, but that will surely make the lava ascend. ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!

2. If You Can Handle The Speed, Ratchet Up Your Boost Bar

Knightmare Tower Tips

As you kill off more and more enemies, your Boost bar will begin to increase. When this goes down, the game itself will begin to progress faster than before. The difficulty may prove impossible at times once your Boost meter gets fuller, but you’ll complete several stages faster.

3. The Basics Regarding the Shop and In-Game Achievements

Knightmare Tower Tips listed some important points on the game’s shop and achievements systems:

– After you’ve completed a round, you’ll be given the option to go to the shop on the results screen.
– Once in the shop, you will find the ability to purchase new armor for your Knight, Accessories, and Potions.
– Purchasing an upgrade will equip it to your Knight immediately, and you can then immediately play the next round with the upgrades.
– A good upgrade to take on in the early goings is the Boots. The Boots will allow your Knight to attack much faster than before, meaning you will land more strikes on enemies when you’re still learning the basics of the game.
– In the Shop section, you will also notice the ability to view Achievements, which shows you a list of possible accomplishments you can choose to complete as you progress through the game.
– Lastly, you can also view your current Quests using the Quests tab.
– When you’re finished in the Shop, you can tap on “Play” to exit and then begin your next round of play.

4. Stick to the Edges

As you’re making your ascent up the tower, try and get your knight to stick to the edges a lot. Attack those enemies when you get the chance but when the screen isn’t as busy as before, push your knight to the edges of the tower.

5. The Basics of Quests also posted up everything you need to know about quests:

– At the beginning of the game before your Knight launches, you will see a board off to the right of the screen that shows a list of missions that you can complete. Completing these missions will give you keys and gold you can use in the game.
– Quests can include traveling a certain distance in one round, killing a certain number of monsters, survive for certain amounts of time, and more.
– Once you fail a round, you’ll be shown a screen showing all of the quests you may have completed in a round. You can then tap on “Touch To Continue” to have the game load a new set of quests to replace the ones you completed.

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6. So How Many Princess Are There?

Knightmare Tower Tips

All in all, you’re going to be avoiding lava and fiery spirits because you’re going to be saving 10 princesses in total.

7. Purchase Your Knight Those Armory Items

Knightmare Tower Tricks

Your knight has 4 bits of armor that you can throw some money into. You should always try and purchase a sword first so you’ll have less trouble killing those harder enemies. Then go ahead and cop some boots so your upgraded attacks are much more swifter. Those two powerup’s are a bit better than the armor and rocket upgrades, but those two aforementioned upgrades are still worth investing in.

8. Check Out This Boss Walkthrough

The video above provided players a complete boss walkthrough that should lessen your stress meter (in real life, not the game).

9. Here’s The Full Walkthrough of the Game

For gamers out there that are looking to complete the game (and totally spoil everything for themselves), check out the tutorial video above.

10. This Speed Run May Push You to Beat the Game in 3 Minutes or Less

And for those gamers out there who’re looking to complete a speed run for Knightmare Tower, check out the amazing 3 minute speed run video above.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Knightmare Tower players, throw them in the comments section!

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