Megapolis: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Megapolis Tips

Building a city and maintaining a stable economy is tough. The mobile game space has been quite kind to the genre of city simulations lately and one of the biggest games is Social Quantum’s Megapolis.

Players have the unenviable task of putting together a massive metro system that runs on everything you’ve seen a city thrive on. Megapolis is the ultimate mobile city sim that everyone needs to play and master. As for the mastering part, here’s ten tips and cheats you’ll need to keep your city alive.

As for the hackers and cheaters out there, check out the link HERE.

1. Set A Comfortable Pace for Your City Building Duties

Megapolis Tips

PocketGamer.Co.UK knows just how stressful it can be to master the art of making a city thrive. They made sure this essential tip on how to pace yourself in Megapolis:

Pacing is important in Megapolis, for the game’s creator has given you a fair amount of freedom to build in whatever direction you like. However, this can result in your wasting large amounts of resources. Think about it logically: if you were actually managing the transformation of a town into a city, you wouldn’t rush to build a massive bridge to attract potential residents to your area when all you’ve got to offer them is a bowling alley and a few residential buildings. It’s pointless, and it’s expensive. Don’t overstretch yourself, then. And make sure you keep dutifully plugging away at the tasks that fill up the list on the left-hand side of the screen. Scroll through them and see what’s cheap and quick to finish, and get those elements into your town quickly. You’ll race through the XP levels with all the experience you’ll gain, unlocking loads of buildings and facilities for when you do want to start sculpting your urban masterpiece.

Head to the next page to learn about the in-game population growth!


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These hacks are a waste of time. They all are surveys and you never get what they claim with this hack. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!


Agread every time try to open file it says can’t download what a load of shite!!

Georgina S.

Hey, guys! If you guys are looking for cheats for Megapolis, I’d recommend visiting I’ve been using it since I started playing and it’s helped me a lot. Not just in this game – but in other games too! So I thought you guys might be able to give it a go. Don’t get put off by having to fill out a survey first (I know you all hate it and I do too!), but you DO get full access to cheats after that! Sometimes, it’s a give and take thing and it’s worth it.. trust me :) Hope you guys find it helpful!

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