Megapolis: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Megapolis Tips

Building a city and maintaining a stable economy is tough. The mobile game space has been quite kind to the genre of city simulations lately and one of the biggest games is Social Quantum’s Megapolis.

Players have the unenviable task of putting together a massive metro system that runs on everything you’ve seen a city thrive on. Megapolis is the ultimate mobile city sim that everyone needs to play and master. As for the mastering part, here’s ten tips and cheats you’ll need to keep your city alive.

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1. Set A Comfortable Pace for Your City Building Duties

Megapolis Tips

PocketGamer.Co.UK knows just how stressful it can be to master the art of making a city thrive. They made sure this essential tip on how to pace yourself in Megapolis:

Pacing is important in Megapolis, for the game’s creator has given you a fair amount of freedom to build in whatever direction you like. However, this can result in your wasting large amounts of resources. Think about it logically: if you were actually managing the transformation of a town into a city, you wouldn’t rush to build a massive bridge to attract potential residents to your area when all you’ve got to offer them is a bowling alley and a few residential buildings. It’s pointless, and it’s expensive. Don’t overstretch yourself, then. And make sure you keep dutifully plugging away at the tasks that fill up the list on the left-hand side of the screen. Scroll through them and see what’s cheap and quick to finish, and get those elements into your town quickly. You’ll race through the XP levels with all the experience you’ll gain, unlocking loads of buildings and facilities for when you do want to start sculpting your urban masterpiece.

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2. The Basics of Population Growth

Megapolis Tricks

Once you begin to place some housing properties in your city, your city population will also increase over time. This process is automatic, but the main manual aspect of this population control lies in tapping on your houses. Whenever you spot the population icon hovering over a house, click on that icon to gather up those folks and increase your population. Once you gain those new residents, your house will have to take a break before it can help repopulate your city again.

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3. Throw in a Few Buildings and Make Your City More Attractive

Megapolis Tips

The key to increasing your city’s population even more is by placing more productive buildings and decorative features everywhere. Your population cap will surely increase as you buy and place more water/electricity plants. You’ll also need to pay attention to any unfinished projects around your city. Complete the mini-missions and you’ll not only add to your city’s population, but you’ll also get some extra perks out of them.

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4. What Are Those Special Offices Good For?


Special offices, like town halls and tax offices, play a big part in the overall production and stability of your city. explained the purpose of these special buildings:

In Megapolis, you can build special offices from one of the icons on the right. One is the city hall, where you can hire your friends for administrative positions. For instance, when you hire one of your friends as a tax collector, your taxes will automatically be collected. You don’t have to click on the buildings anymore, nor need to worry about not visiting your city often enough to collect taxes. You can also build a tax office, where you can adjust your city’s tax. As no one is ever happy to pay more taxes, there is a downside to raising taxes: it lowers your population cap.

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5. Make The Most of Your Production Buildings

Upgrading those energy efficient buildings helps to maintain the nature friendly aspects of your city. Make sure you throw some money into these buildings to make sure you get their maximum output. When you have the funds, purchase a complex license upgrade so your city’s energy efficiency becomes a bit better.

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6. Achievements and Assets! explained the game’s in-game achievements and assets system:

One more feature Social Quantum added so you never stop playing the game are the already addictive Achievements (load from the trophy icon on the right side of the top bar). You obtain achievements by creating certain buildings, or reaching thresholds when collecting taxes or population limits. Assets are items that are required to complete some quests to unlock buildings, and neighbors come once again into play, since you depend on them to receive such parts, otherwise the megabucks are needed to buy the assets. Megapolis brings you updates quite often adding outstanding landmarks like the Petronas Towers, the Bank of China, the Acropolis Park, etc.

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7. Keep Your Pockets Full By Completing Tasks and Taxing Your Population

Megapolis Tips

Cash and the ever fruitful Megabucks are always a little bit low when it comes to its abundance. The best way to keep your pockets full is by finishing as many tasks as possible and taxing your city’s denizens. Manufacturing efforts also help get you more dough than usual. Once you get your hands on some Megabucks, spend them ASAP on land expansions.

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8. Keep Tabs on Everyone Else’s Cities

Megapolis Tips knows just how helpful it can be to take a look at everyone else’s city progress:

If you want to see how some of the top players in the game make up their cities, go into the mobile version of this game and hit the button in the upper right corner that says “top” on it and check out any of the top players’ profiles. You’ll be able to see what premium buildings they tend to have (such as the Emirates Hotel or the Taipei 101) and see if you can co-opt some of their strategies for yourself.

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Yep and explained it all:

Normally, at your stores and facilities, once you start a contract, you have to wait for a prescribed amount of time to be able to collect your coins or your goods unless you want to use Megabucks to speed the process up. To skip the wait for free though in the mobile version of the game, simply go to your device’s date and time settings and set the time ahead for however much time you’ll need to complete the contracts. Then go back to the game and collect your coins and your goods. This same trick works as many times as you want and it also works for completing construction on buildings early. Make sure that you are somewhere that has a good connection, though, because if you have bad bandwidth, then once you set your time ahead and go back to the game, it will simply just refuse to load. Also, the time trick works in reverse – if you set the time backwards, it will take even longer to do what you are trying to do.

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10. Stay Friendly and Visit Your Buddies Cities

PocketGamer.Co.UK also spoke about the benefits of visiting your friends’ cities:

As in life, one of the best things in Megapolis is having friends. You get a nice bonus for adding friends via the icon on the bottom left of the screen. Your buddies’ worth, though, is definitely more than fiscal. They’re materially important, too, you see. In the game, your friends are absolutely essential in your unlocking later content, for there are plenty of buildings and constructions – such as the Warehouse and the Bridge – that require enough money AND materials to build them. You can purchase parts of buildings with Megabucks, but you’d be a chump to do that. The most cost-effective way of getting them is to Request them. To do this, tap the gift box in the bottom left of the screen, tap ‘Your Wishlist’, and add the items you need. Alternatively, you can tap on the construction itself and press the ‘Ask’ button. Don’t forget to send gifts to your neighbors, too, for you don’t want to look like a Selfish Simon. You can also visit towns to expedite the acquisition of resources from Contracts. Though you can help individual people a limited number of times per day, the number of friends you can visit is limited only by how many mates you have. Again, you’re rewarded for good deeds, so make sure to do this every day.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Megapolis players, throw them in the comments section!