Pac-Man Dash!: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Pac Man Dash Tips

Pac-Man Dash! enters the endless runner mobile runner genre with Namco Bandai’s most iconic mascot, Pac-Man. The little yellow blob who could can now be seen running forever and ever on a bunch of ghost-filled stages. There’s over 70 challenges to take heed of, so we’re sure most of you players out there might need our assistance.

It’s time to get right, go higher and consume more evil ghosts with Pac-Man in this mobile runner. We’re here with the top 10 tips, tricks and cheats that you need to know.

Pac-Man Dash iOS Gameplay 'N ActionPac-Man started back in 1980, and he has been chomping dots and ghosts ever since. He's one of the most popular video game characters around, and has lead to over 30 officially licensed spin-offs including Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, Pac-Man World, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and now there's Pac-Man Dash. It seems every…2013-07-18T19:31:34.000Z

1. Do This At the Start of a Stage

Pac Man Dash Cheats

When a stage starts, there will be a bunch of ghosts floating above Pac-Man’s heads. Try to add to your time with an early boost by jumping up and eating those ghosts at the beginning. They’ll aid you in getting the extra seconds you’ll need to complete a mission.

2. Aim for the Higher Sections of Each Stage

Pac Man Dash Tips

The higher portions of each stage contains more ghosts that you’ll need to let Pac-Man get the jump on. Make it your mission to head higher and higher up a stage so you’ll eat more ghosts, cookies, fruits and whatever else might be hiding up there.

3. Pac-Man Can’t Die, So Keep on Running

Pac Man Dash Tips

This is one of the few games where Pac-Man is actually invincible. Take the risk whenever you may miss a higher platform because Pac-Man can’t get hurt/die. Whenever Pac-Man falls, he’s bound to land on a platform and keep on running till he gets to the finish line.

4. Don’t Stay in The Air Too Long

Pac Man Dash Tips

Remember – the longer you stay in the air, the more time you’ll waste. More seconds will be shaved off your overall time, so stick to the ground as much as possible.

5. Make Sure You Put Your Cookies Toward The Best Items provided some tips on which items you should spend your cookies on:

You need to stack up quite a few cookies, but you can purchase all sorts of really useful items (which are actually power-ups). I would suggest getting Cylindria as soon as possible (I got it at a discount) or Spiral as they do the same thing: allow Pac to double jump and collect ghosts from out of the screen, even fast ones. So they are great for missions where you need to eat many ghosts or run a long distance since eaten ghosts give you extra time. Also good are the spinner versions of these power-ups, but they are a lot more effective. Just make sure that you avoid the magnet ones as they have limited area and are a waste of money.

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6. Eat More Ghosts = Increase Your Playtime

Pac Man Dash Tips also posted a tip that should push you towards eating more ghosts:

You start with very limited time, but you can increase that naturally by eating ghosts. Try to eat as many as possible as soon as possible, because there will come a time when Pac will be too slow to catch them without special help (Dashes or special characters).

7. Cookies Equate to The Distance Pac-Man Travels in a Level

One thing to also remember – the longer the distance that Pac-Man travels, the more cookies you’ll end up picking up at the end of a level.

8. Equip The Right Items for The Appropriate Stages

Pac Man Dash Tips releases a few details on which items are better for which stage:

Make sure you choose the correct item to complete missions. If the objective involves dashing a set number of times, equip Dash. If you must eat a lot of ghosts, go with Cylindria. The game will let you know if you’re prepared beforehand, which prevents you from wasting Stamina.

9. The Basics Behind Stamina

Pac Man Dash Tips also releases some details on Pac-Man’s stamina and how you should approach getting some more:

Think of Stamina as chances to play Pac-Man Dash! You receive 10 right away. When those run out, you must wait until at least one refills over time to play again, or you can purchase Stamina from the shop.

10. Forgot What Your Mission Is? Do This!

Simply pause the game and you’ll get to see what the mission is again.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Pac-Man Dash! players, throw them in the comments section!