Rayman Jungle Run: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Rayman Jungle Run Tips

Rayman Jungle Run takes Ubisoft’s most recognizable platforming hero Rayman and sends him on an infinite running journey on your favorite mobile device. Rayman not only has to stay on his toes and keep moving constantly; he has to dodge incoming cannon balls and jump through several obstacles.

We’ve ran and conquered, so we know the best ways to approach the many stages, enemies and collectibles littered through this epic runner. Here’s 10 tips, tricks and cheats that will keep your Rayman safe and your smartphone outfitted with more wallpapers.

Rayman Jungle Run – LaunchTrailer [US]Download the game now! AppStore: itunes.apple.com/en/app/rayman-jungle-run/id537931449?l=fr&ls=1&mt=8  GooglePlay: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pastagames.ro1mobile Join us on Facebook: facebook.com/rayman The legendary platforming hero is making the jump to your favorite iOS device! Rayman Jungle Run is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but challenging for the longtime Rayman fans to master. Unlock the Land of the Livid Dead…2012-09-19T17:09:23.000Z

1. Collect All The Lums in a Stage to Nab One Red Tooth

Rayman Jungle Run Cheats

Those smiling golden orbs are Lums. These babies are littered through each stage of the game and they come in at a total of 100 Lums. Before you get to the end of any level, it’s best for you to collect all 100 Lums so you can collect a single Red Tooth. If you pick up five of those items within any of Jungle Run’s level packs, you’ll unlock the bonus Land of the Dead stages. Picking up Lums also nets you more wallpapers, so there’s that. So go out and collect all those Lums!

If you’re just trying to memorize a stage’s layout, then forgo picking up all the Lums the first time around. When you come back to a completed level, you’ll be more familiar with the stage layout and where to pick up those Lums.

2. Always Check for Hidden Lums

Rayman Jungle Run Tips

Rayman may be running forward on a linear path at all times, but its best to divert from the beaten path and locate some hidden Lums. Don’t be scared to drop down gaps and leaping off vines in another direction since these cases will result in helping you find hidden Lums or hearts.

3. The Basics Regarding Those Red Teeth

Rayman Jungle Run Tips

Gamezebo.com explained the basics behind Red Teeth and The Land of the Dead bonus mission:

Each level comes with a chance to earn a Tooth of the Dead, but only if you grab every single Lum in it. And these teeth aren’t just for looking at, either: nabbing five of them in any set of levels grants you access to the “Land of the Dead” level for that given set. These levels are obscenely hard, but not unlike the other levels in structure. The two main differences are that you’re being timed, and there are no Lums to gather. And did I mention that they’re hard? They really, really are.

4. Try and Restart if You’re Ready to Collect Missed Lums

Rayman Jungle Run Tips

If you’re adamant about collecting all the Lums in a level and you just happen to miss one before the finish, just restart. Simple.

5. Stay Calm and Don’t Pitch a Fit

Modojo.com knows how nerve racking this game can be, but they know it pays to remain calm:

Relax. You probably won’t collect all 100 Lums your first couple of tries. Instead, focus on identifying their locations, along with the various nooks and crannies of each level. Not only will this propel you to victory, but it will also help you avoid pits and other hazards.

6. Don’t Worry About Taking Out Enemies

Rayman Jungle Run Tips

Don’t try to kill every enemy that you come across. There’s really no need to put Rayman at risk. If you’re forced to to take out some of those green bums, then go ahead and lay them out. Focus on those Lums, but ignore those baddies.

7. Only Use Hovering to Get Your Timing Right

Some of the stages in the game will require you to hover to make your way across those hard-to-reach platforms. Sometimes hovering is best used to get your timing right and slow down the pace a bit. Get yourself right with hovering and you’ll slow yourself back to a better pace.

8. Take Advantage of Wall Jumping

Gamezebo.com also took the time to get you acclimated with Rayman Jungle Run’s wall jumping mechanic:

Wall jumps are a fickle art. Pulling one off is easy as pie, but timing is a very big factor when it comes to landing where you intend to. And once the walls and floors become lined with thorny vines, this is important. Work on your timing!

9. Pick Up Those Giant Floating Golden Coins

Rayman Jungle Run Tips

Those massive floating coins give you multiple Lums all at once, so it’s best to pick them up as much as possible. Do your best to collect these huge coins, but try and avoid any hurtful obstacles while you still have them active. That’s how you lose all those extra Lums!

10. Here’s the Full 100-Percent Walkthrough of the Game

Rayman Jungle Run – All Levels 100% Complete Walkthrough w/ Bonus Secret Levels | WikiGameGuidesRayman Jungle Run Walkthrough Gameplay All Levels 100% including Secret Bonus Levels Level 1-1 – 0:00 Level 1-2 – 0:55 Level 1-3 – 1:39 Level 1-4 – 2:39 Level 1-5 – 3:30 Level 1-6 – 4:34 Level 1-7 – 5:13 Level 1-8 – 6:12 Level 1-9 – 7:27 Bonus Secret Level 1-10 – 8:26 Level…2012-09-25T17:48:36.000Z

For those gamers out there who want to get the upper hand on every stage and world in the game, pay attention to the full game walkthrough above:

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Rayman Jungle Run players, throw them in the comments section!

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