Xbox One: Official Unboxing Reveals Day One Edition Content [VIDEO]

Xbox’s most popular spokesman Major Nelson is supremely hyped for the Xbox One’s upcoming November launch.

So much so that he went ahead and did something most video game fans on YouTube are familiar with – AN UNBOXING VIDEO! Nelson can be seen cracking open the box and unveiling one of the first Xbox One production units. This console comes packaged with the console (of course), the new Kinect motion sensor, a 4K HDMI cable that supports 1080P/3D, the power brick, the user manual, a branded day one wireless controller and an Xbox One Chat Headset.

And don’t worry – the standard Xbox One editions will come packaged with the headset, too.

There’s a bunch of extra vids dedicated to the extra goodies that comes packaged with the Xbox One. You can check out all of those vids below:

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

Xbox One Chat Headset

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