Angry Birds Star Wars 2: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 has finally landed on most mobile platforms. Players even have the option of joining the Pork Side and taking control of the pigs. 30+ playable characters from the Angry Birds/Star Wars universe are all available to cause some havoc with.

This mobile puzzler has so many new features and ways to play, which can be sort of daunting once you take on the task of playing it. The tips/tricks/cheats we’re going to throw your way is going to guarantee you master the Jedi/Sith Angry Birds clans.

It’s time to make The Force a part of your daily Angry Birds regimen!

Angry Birds Star Wars 2: Official Gameplay Trailer – out September 19!Join the Pork Side in Angry Birds Star Wars 2 on September 19! Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is out on September 19. Price will be $0.99 (or local equivalent), and the game will be available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. It will also be a universal app, so will work across…2013-09-13T13:11:44.000Z

1. Make Sure You Know About All the Characters in the Game

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Tips

This sequel features a vast amount of characters that come with their own custom abilities and special moves. Knowing who’s who and who does what pays off dividends for everything you do in the game. Check out the list below for all the playable characters you’ll be able to use in Angry Birds Star Wars 2:

– Red Bird as Anakin Skywalker (Podracer, Jedi Padawan, Sith Apprentice)
– Big Brother Bird as Chewbacca
– Black Bird as Obi-Wan Kenobi(Young)
– Pink Bird as Padmé Amidala, Princess Lei
– White Bird as Qui-Gon Jinn
– Black Bird (colored brown) as Mace Windu
– Blue Bird, Yellow Bird and Boomerang Bird (combined) as Yoda
– Yellow Bird as Han Solo
– Yellow Bird (colored brown) as Captain Panaka
– Blue Bird as Rebel Pilots, Jedi Youngling
– White Bird as C-3PO
– Egg as R2-D2
– Unknown Bird as Jar Jar Binks
– Pig as Count Dooku, Darth Maul, General Grievous, Jango Fett, Droideka, Battle Droid, TIE Fighter Pilot
– Female Pig as Zam Wesell
– Pig and Bird as Dark/Lard Vader
– King Pig as Emperor Palpatine

And here’s the list of toy Telepod characters:

– Red Bird as Luke Skywalker (Jedi, Endor, Pilot)
– Pink Bird as Princess Leia Organa
– Yellow Bird as Han Solo
– Big Brother Bird as Chewbacca
– Pig as Stormtrooper, Biker Scout, Boba Fett

If you’re looking to figure out what all these characters can do, hit up

2. Yoda May Be The Best Character in the Game

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Tips Tricks states that Yoda’s abilities may make him the best character in the game:

Yoda is one of the best characters in the game, depending how you use him. Tap him once and he’ll swing around in a frenzy, using his lightsaber to destroy everything. It’s a great idea to save him for small, confined spaces, where he can do major damage. Use him for something bigger, and he’ll bounce off and go flying through the air. Not a good idea.


Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Tips

Surprisingly, noted that the Jar Jar Binks bird is actually one of the more useful characters in the game:

With him, you harness his tongue to grab objects, enemies or TNT boxes, and he’ll maintain his grip until he crashes into something. He’s excellent when it comes to latching onto an otherwise inaccessible TNT crate, as he can rip it out and send it flying into the stage – like an armada of enemy pigs in the distance.

4. Here’s How to Find All the Treasure Maps

The game’s Treasure Maps should be one of the main items you should focus on collecting. In order to unlock those side quest stages, you’ll need to know which levels contain those lauded Treasure Maps. Check out the list below to see which levels hold these item. Clicking on the blue links themselves will hook you up with level walkthrough for each stage:

Naboo Invasion Level B1-6: The Treasure Map lies behind the slingshot platform.
Naboo Invasion Level P1-8: You can locate the map all the way on the far right side of the stage.
Escape to Tatooine Level B2-10: The Treasure Map lies on the far right side of the level. It lies beyond the butte.
Escape to Tatooine Level P2-6: Finding this map means you’ll have to locate it to the far, far right of the stage.

5. The Basics Behind Launching Those Purple Spheres

Each stage in the game includes objects that will aid you in completing them much easier and quicker. For instance, you’ll spot some catapults lying around. Catapults can launch purple spheres, which are capable of destroying everything they land on. Cut the string on that catapult and watch in wonder as those purple balls lead to some awesome destruction.

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