Deer Hunter 2014: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Deer Hunter 2014

Deer Hunter 2014 takes the real-world hunting experience that your average hunter enjoys and transports it to mobile platforms. Mobile gamers are ordered to head out into the wild and shoot down a varied cast of animal prey. Everything from your average ducks to your ravenous wolves are present for hunting season.

Getting the right gear, taking advantage of the right missions and spending your cash wisely is the name of this game. By using these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats, your hunting prowess will surely improve.

It’s time to enter the wild and come out unscathed and a lot richer.

1. Pay Attention to the Suggested Upgrades

Deer Hunter 2014 Tips

The mission system guide will carefully map out your starting upgrades. Make sure you pay attention to the upgrades you’re being told to add to your firearms, since the game knows best. These upgrades will push you towards producing some powerful weaponry and (hopefully) maxing out the overall stats of your favorite weapon. When a stage advises you to equip a shotgun, you’d better bring a shotgun along.

2. Pack Some Stronger Heat for Those Later Levels

Deer Hunter 2014 Tips

You’ll get to a point during the game where you’ll encounter some animals that take more than one bullet to take down. You’ll definitely want to upgrade your weaponry to the point where its powerful enough to down bears and lions. During those tough hunts, other animals will come running your way after they hear your struggle with those bigger animals. Bring in some heavy hunting artillery for those later stages.

3. Purchase the Infrared Gun Add-On

Deer Hunter 2014

One gun power up that will become your best friend is the infrared add-on. Stick this peripheral to your best rifle and you’ll have an easier time spotting the important body shots of an animal. You’ll pull off those vital organ shots in no time during the missions that request them. Remember – an animal’s heart lies in the center while the lungs lie on either side of the heart. You’ll be an efficient nighttime hunter in no time.

4. Use the Animal Call During Trickier Hunts advises players to use the Animal Call during those tougher hunting scenarios:

You can use something called an Animal Call to preserve your progress if you’re really struggling with a mission. By activating this special item, the mission will restart, but you’ll keep the animal kills you racked up in the earlier attempt. Save these for only the trickiest hunts though, as you only get a few for free.

5. Keep A Close Eye on the Animals You’re Supposed to Kill By Viewing the Animal Preview also noted that it pays to check out the Animal Preview before every stage and keep an eye on all the surrounding animals in the area:

At first, each hunting scene will only be filled with the animals you need to kill. Later on though, there’ll be a mixture of animals wandering around the landscape. Pay very close attention to the animal preview before you begin – this will give you an important visual clue about the appearance of your prey.

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