Grand Theft Auto 5: Glitches Have Already Been Found


Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out in the wild for a few days now. Gamers have spent countless hours exploring each and every corner of the wide open world this game contains. Some of the gamers in question just happen to be diehard Reddit users. Those users have done the rest of the GTA 5 playing public by making some of the game’s glitches…well, public.

We’ve seen pics and vids of these glitches and they’re kind of hilarious to see. Nothing is perfect, even GTA 5. Check out the 5 glitches that have popped up in the game thus far.

1. “The Trapped Cab”

I was walking around and heard lots of weird noises, found this…

GTA 5 Glitch

2. “Underworld”

I found a glitch in GTA…

3. “GTA 5: The Clone Wars”

No-spoilers. Odd glitch we found.

4. “Parking Expertise!”

Weird glitch in the first Michael mission. I’m seeing double.


5. “The Teleporting Taxi Cab”

Found a sweet time saving glitch. Use the taxi to teleport to unintended places – As I was playing the mission where you have to fight your way up a very tall building that is under construction I found this glitch. The mission starts with a yellow marker placed at the top of the building with the goal to reach it and take out a target. I figured instead of fighting my way up I would just go grab a helicopter and fly to the top and jump out. I pressed start, placed a waypoint at a helicopter location and called for a taxi. As soon as I go in the taxi I spammed A. (Selects the first destination, usually the waypoint if it is placed, then chooses to skip the drive time and load to the location) After I came out of the load screen I was teleported to the yellow mission marker on the top of the building in the taxi! Pretty sweet. Essentially, I believe that when you have a yellow mission marker where this is no complete path for the pathing algorithms to follow you will just teleport to that location. Maybe this mission is the exception. Even if it is it will surely save you a lot of time and get you an easy gold medal.