Infinity Blade 3: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Infinity Blade 3

Infinity Blade 3 is the final entry in the long running mobile action/RPG series. Two playable warriors are at your disposal this time as you face off with new enemies. New features and in-game achievements are now present, which freshens up the highly reviewed gameplay you all know and love.

Infinity Blade 3 can be quite the challenging game to overcome at times. With this tips/tricks/cheats guide for the game, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time slashing and defending the world from evil. Now it’s time you conquered teh world of Infinity Blade 3!

1. Use Some of These Combos to Get Big Damage

Infinity Blade 3 Tips Tricks

During battles, it pays to know which combos will yield the most damage upon using them. Check out the list below to figure out which combos you’ll be utilizing the most. These moves produce different levels of damage, so take note of them:

– Huge Hit Combo: Left, Right, Left
– Mega Hit Combo: Left, Left, Right, Right
– Ultra Hit: Left, Right, Up, Down, Left

2. Say Goodbye to Your Mastered Weapons/Armor

Infinity Blade 3 Tips

Once you fully upgrade any of your weapons/armor to Master status, you’ll no longer get an XP for using them. It pays to use all types of different weapons in order to master them all. Once you get ’em to Master level, sell them off to the merchant. You’ll receive even more currency for mastered weapons and armor. The double selling price you’ll get is well worth upgrading your weapons/armor for.

3. Try to Equip Magic Rings noted that magic rings are well worth equipping:

Don’t forget to equip a ring. These powerful pieces of jewelry let you cast different forms of magic that help your character and damage the opponent. Wait until the magic orb on the top right is full, tap and then trace the necessary shape to cast the desired magic.

4. Get Your Gold and Other Items Upon Defeat By Doing This… also provided a method that should be important for players who get killed a lot:

Getting destroyed? Upon death, consider choosing the Too Hard? option. The developers will let you retain all the gold, chips, items and XP you collected while competing in a less difficult Awakening to increase your character’s strength.

5. Block and Dodge at the Right Moments

Infinity Blade 3 Tips

During battles, blocking and dodging should be a integral part of your offensive/defensive strategy. When an enemy comes at you with a combo, you should defend and dodge the first couple of attacks. Change up your blocking/dodging moves so you can get a few hits in on your enemy. Parrying on the 3rd/4th attack of whoever you’re facing will give you the opportunity to produce more damage during a combo. Having an unpredictable game plan of attack/defense will get you far.

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